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TWRA Addresses use of Bait for Hunting

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency - TWRANashville, TN – The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has been receiving inquiries concerning hunting with the use of bait. The statute concerning the use of bait (TCA 70-4-113) has not been changed.

However, in response to questions from hunters concerning hunting with the aid of bait, the TWRA has adopted an internal law enforcement procedure aimed at providing uniform enforcement of these regulations statewide for deer, turkey, and elk. Due to a greatly different response to bait, the procedure does not apply to bear and other wildlife.

For the purpose of enforcing TCA 70-4-113 and Proclamation 10-11, a baited area shall be enforced by the following procedure:

No person may hunt wildlife while using bait or may hunt any baited area where he or she knows or reasonably should have known that the area is or has been baited. Shooting into or entering into “a baited area” for the purpose of hunting is prohibited. “A baited area” is defined as a 250-yard radius of the placement of the bait. “A baited area” will no longer be considered to be baited 10 days after all bait has been removed.


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