Tommy Vallejos and Joel Wallace to be on Clarksville in Review this Saturday, October 8th

WJZM, 1400AM Radio Station

Clarksville, TN – Listen to Clarksville in Review on 1400am, WJZM with Hank Bonecutter Saturday morning. Montgomery County Commissioner Tommy Vallejos will be on at 8:00am. Hank’s guest during the 9:00am hour will be Clarksville City Councilman Joel Wallace.

The latest topics concerning Clarksville citizens will be discussed. Some of the subjects will be the failed proposal to expand the number of Package Stores allowed in the city, the approval of the Expansion of the Winn Materials Barge Port, the recent selection of the Marina Operator the for Liberty Park Marina and so much more.

If you miss the show, you can listen to the podcast on