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Clarksville Police Department doing awesome job

Hank Bonecutter

Hank Bonecutter

If there’s one person who absolutely gets no respect, it’s a cop.  I admire a person who wants to be one.  There’s not a lot about doing the job that appeals to anyone.  A cop is born to be a cop.  It’s something they’ve always wanted to do.  “To uphold the law.”  “To protect and serve.”

The Clarksville Police Department has one of the finest leaders it’s ever had in Chief Al Ansley.  Ansley was appointed chief during the Piper administration, and takes a no nonsense approach to his work.  His commanders are loyal brothers in arms.  Fellow warriors of the streets who know how to get the job done, and understand what their chief demands.  If ever there was a “team effort”, this is it.  The results are evident.

Crime stats are some of the lowest in the state.  Problem areas are covered each week in “Com-Stat” meetings, and addressed immediately. Cops are actually catching the bad guy IN THE ACT.  Talk about a cop being there when you need him. These officers are more diplomatic.  They’re firm, but fair. You don’t get the impression they’re just “out to get you.”  Make no mistake, you break the law, you will get what you deserve.

Recently, in an effort to reduce accidents and crime that occur along 41-A north, the police department joined forces for a special operation targeting traffic offenders.  The operation served as a lead in to the Targeted Community Crime Reduction Program Grant-Operation Defiance. In a normal day, there were 10-15 accidents per day along this corridor.  During this one week operation, there was 1 minor accident.   Let me say that again.  THERE WAS ONE MINOR ACCIDENT THE ENTIRE WEEK!

The Clarksville/Fort Campbell community is growing rapidly.  Traffic is going to get worse before it gets better. Our leaders need to make certain that Chief Ansley has everything he needs to continue the good work. So the next time you see a cop out and about, how about saying “Thank you”.  It’s the least you can do, besides slowing down of course.

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