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Write In A Republican, Veteran for Tennessee State Representative, District 67

Election 2012Clarksville, TN – Wouldn’t you enjoy seeing a regular guy win? What if you could be a part of making that happen? You have the opportunity to do just that on Tuesday.

Join Mike Warner, Republican, for Tennessee  State Representative, District 67.  Mike is a certified write-in candidate.  Mr. Warner is running against a well funded Liberal Democrat Banker.
We need a walk out majority in the Tennessee General Assembly.

You could make the difference!

Looking for Volunteers

Mike Warner, Republican. Running against Democrat Banker Joe Pitts.Tuesday is election day.  There are 11 precincts that need coverage in Clarksville.

Help a Veteran, conservative, free market, limited government, pro 2nd amendment, constitutional carry, free speech, freedom of religion, local control, pro-school choice, common sense guy make a difference for Clarksville and all Tennesseans!

Check out Mike Warner’s website: www.TNHouse67.com.  Link from there to his facebook page.  We have received an incredible reception from those we’ve been able to reach, the key is making sure enough people know they have a choice.

They can write-in Mike Warner for State Representative, District 67.  Without volunteers on Tuesday many will not find out in time.  It would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

For instructions on writing in Mike Warner text the word ” vote ” to 931.551.6705 or go to www.TNHouse67.com to print instructions.

It is very easy to do with the machines being used at the polls in Montgomery County.

Mike Warner was at early voting every day. He has been walking the district, talking to thousands of people one on one. If elected Mike Warner will not set in his ivory tower taking and giving favors to a few.

Mike Warner is a regular guy who will depend on input from you, to represent you.

Elect Mike Warner On The Ballot 2014
Elect Mike Warner On The Ballot 2014http://ElectMikeWarner.com
[caption id="attachment_254765" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Mike Warner for Tennessee House 67.  On The Ballot in November 2014 Mike Warner

Mike Warner Candidate ON THE BALLOT in NOVEMBER: Tennessee House District 67 The ONLY: Conservative; Constitutionist; Pro-Life Activist; Veteran; NON-ESTABLISHMENT candidate in this race.

No Republicans are in this race!  Like 45 of 116 other Tennessee General Assembly races in 2014 you would have only choice would have been the incumbent.  A Democrat.  I was a Republican for 40 years.  My aunt worked for Ronald Reagan in California.  I ran as a write-in for this office in 2012 because the GOP would not put up a candidate.  This year I am on the ballot as the CONSTITUTION PARTY candidate.  My largest donor to date is the 7th District Tea Party Coalition.

Help support a Vietnam Era / Desert Storm Veteran to be your TN House Rep.

ELECTMikeWarner.com       Donate

We meet on the LAST Thursday of each Month at 6:30PM, Shoney's, 791 N. 2nd Street, Clarksville, TN  (Concealed Carry Welcome!)

Mike is one of a number of  elected GOP leadership in this area to have resigned their position and their Republican Party membership over the progressive direction and continued support of candidates damaging to this republic.

For Additional information and activities for Montgomery County Constitution Party of Tennessee visit these links: New Constitution Party of Tennessee Website Montgomery County Constitution Party of Tennessee Activities & Meetups. Facebook Tea Party Community In support "Yes on 1" Tennessee's Amendment allowing Tennessee legislators to write laws regarding Abortion in Tennessee. Mike Warner served in  the U.S. Coast Guard during the Vietnam Era, and the U.S. Army until after Desert Storm. He ran as a write in candidate in the 2012 Tennessee House of Representatives campaign for District 67. Currently Mike serves as an active volunteer to several local community organizations.   Editor’s Note: Articles by this author contains the view points of Mike Warner and/or the Montgomery County Constitution Party of Tennessee, and may not represent the views of Clarksville Online, our staff, Contributors, or Advertisers.

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