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6 Things She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

Valentines-DayEvery year Byron asks me, “What day is Valentine’s on this year?”

Every year I respond, “Still on the 14th…” Oh, poor thing…

This heart-filled holiday has guys really confused, so I thought I would help them out a little. Ladies, feel free to “accidentally” email this to them.

Here’s what women really want.

  • To know how you feel – Most women love cards. All women love to see your loving words sprawled on paper. No matter how elaborate your plans are for Valentine’s, don’t omit the words of love!
  • To know you are paying attention – Has she been mentioning “casually” something that she would like to have? Surprise her by getting it for her if it’s in your budget. If you know she loves an artist or musician, search for upcoming events. If she loves baseball, plan a weekend getaway and make reservations so she knows you are serious.
  • To be a wife first – This is not the holiday to glorify her parenting skills. Every day is a great to to encourage her as a mom, but this is the holiday to focus on why she is important and beautiful to you!
  • To be romanced – Hopefully by now, you know what romance means to her. This is the day to pull out the big guns. Some women love flowers, others love candles and strawberries. On this special day, court your wife! Byron is not a fan of buying flowers because they die. But he loves a nice cigar, and they only last an hour or two. Once I compared them to his cigars, he grasped it enough to do for me what seems illogical to him.
  • To be fussed over – Women love it when her man goes out of his way for her. If you have to drive to Nashville for her favorite cupcakes, or dredge through three stores to find the ingredients to cook her favorite meal, or spend months making a photo album of your love story, you get extra gold stars! Gold stars translate into smiling amorous wives! Remember, “Anything worth having, is worth fighting for.” That  does not mean you have to beat other dudes up, it just means you have to work for her, even (and especially) after many years of marriage.
  • To spend time with you – No matter what you plan, she will enjoy it if you put thought into it and take this opportunity to celebrate your love. This may seem like a made up holiday for florists to sell overpriced flowers. But she sees it as a day tucked away in a calendar full of doctors appointments, soccer practices, dance recitals and business meetings. So what if its made up? Rare and precious love is worth 1/365 of our year, right?

Happy Valentine’s guys! Go love on your Valentine!

Kris Wolfe
Kris Wolfehttp://www.morningglorydevo.com/
Kris Wolfe is a Christian, wife and mother. Kris is a freelance writer who focuses on spiritual and practical encouragement. Kris also writes lessons for small group purposes for churches and is a small group coach.  Kris has a master’s degree in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice University and Seminary and is a listed TN Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediator. Kris covers topics such as dating, marriage, parenting, divorce, post-divorce recovery, and the blended family. Read more from Kris Wolfe at MorningGloryDevo.com or follow on Twitter @MrsKrisWolfe

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