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Montgomery County Health Department and Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services to hold Full Scale Training Infectious Disease Exercise Tomorrow

Montgomery County TennesseeMontgomery County, TN – The Montgomery County Health Department and Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services (MCEMS) are partnering with numerous local agencies to hold a full scale infectious disease training exercise on Wednesday, October 29th.

This exercise will simulate a patient presenting at the Health Department and will go through the procedures and processes used to handle the medical needs of that patient, while maintaining a safe environment for the health care workers.

The agencies included in the exercise are the Health Department, MCEMS, Gateway Medical Center, Clarksville Fire and Rescue, Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency, E-911, Clarksville Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Service.

This exercise is part of the ongoing local training on infectious disease. The public should not be alarmed if they see the exercise taking place – it will have multiple phases that take place in various locations throughout our community. This is only a training exercise to better prepare our public safety personnel in the event of an infectious disease exposure.

Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett states, “Montgomery County has been proactive in our planning for a potential infectious disease situation in our community. Our agencies have a plan in place and this exercise is part of their overall planning process. Our plan is agile and subject to change if conditions warrant. We have held several regional and local tabletop exercises working through the procedures but with this exercise being more visible to the general public we felt it necessary to let you know this only part of our ongoing training.”

EMS director Jimmie Edwards states, “The public needs to be assured that we are vigilantly preparing and training should any type of infectious disease present in our area. We have been building and practicing our local plan for weeks, and now it is being used as a model throughout Middle Tennessee.”

There will be other full scale training exercises to follow in the coming weeks.

Public Health Director Joey Smith adds, “We understand people have concerns about the risk of diseases spreading in our community, and we want to remind everyone that we work every day to protect, detect and respond to any cases of communicable disease identified in our area. Montgomery County’s emergency responders continually plan for events, including disease outbreaks, and practice the skills needed to put these plans into action.”


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