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Employers are looking to Hire more than 175,000 Workers across Tennessee

Tennessee Unemployment Rate at 4.5% for March

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce DevelopmentNashville, TN – Tennessee employers have tens of thousands of open positions for qualified applicants across the state.

With Tennessee’s latest unemployment rate at its lowest level since June 2007, there is an abundance of job openings across the state.

Job Openings Available in Tennessee During March 2016

“With the continued decline in the state’s unemployment rate, workers have many opportunities available to them when looking for a job. In March, our Jobs4TN.gov website had over 175,000 job openings across the state’s 95 counties,” Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner, Burns Phillips said.

Tennessee is divided into 13 Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDA). The state’s metropolitan areas led the state in job openings. LWDA 9 is comprised of Davidson, Rutherford, Wilson and Trousdale counties and had the largest number of open positions in March with 53,401 jobs posted to www.Jobs4TN.gov

Job availability is not limited to Tennessee’s larger cities. LWDA 2 had more than 6,600 jobs available in March and is comprised of smaller counties in east Tennessee. LWDA 11 and 12 in West Tennessee combined had just over 8,000 jobs posted on www.Jobs4TN.gov

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam created www.Jobs4TN.gov to be the one place job seekers can visit and find all the tools they need to start a new career. The site offers multiple resources to Tennesseans who are searching for jobs.


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