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President Donald Trump directs Federal Agencies to Move into Low-Income ‘Opportunity Zones’

The White HouseWashington, D.C. – President Donald Trump ordered yesterday for “Federal agencies to prioritize moving their offices to Opportunity Zones to spur investment in some of the nation’s poorest neighborhoods,” Ebony Bowden reports for the New York Post.
“The move will apply to all federal agencies and asks that they stop prioritizing city centers and central business districts and instead base themselves in any of the 8,769 low-income communities designated as Opportunity Zones by the Trump administration.”

The White House - West Wing. (Official White House Photo)

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“The shackles have been removed from the private sector. When COVID-19 Coronavirus hit, the President signed an executive order, designed to jumpstart the economy, directing agencies to ‘remove barriers to the greatest engine of economic prosperity the world has ever known: the innovation, initiative and drive of the American people,’” James Schultz writes for CNN.

“Through our Farmers to Families Food Box Program, we are supporting over 200 farms and distributors and over 5,000 American jobs. This program is working for everyone, which is why we will provide an additional $1 billion for our Farmers to Families Food Box Program,” Ivanka Trump writes in The Fayetteville Observer.

“Communism is fundamentally expansionist, seeking to swallow its neighbors and snuff out democracy, its mortal enemy. At a time when communism is growing in power and popularity, it would be wise for Americans and all freedom-loving people to remind ourselves about the mortal danger of the ideology of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao,” Marion Smith writes in The Hill.


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