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Marsha Blackburn Report: Don’t Get Schooled By Big Tech

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – Summer break used to give kids time to explore, but as of late, students with free time on their hands have traded adventure for more screen time.

School is almost out, and before the last bell rings, parents and caretakers need to study up on how to keep kids safe online. Check out my tech guide for advice on how to keep posts private, protect your family’s data, and keep bullies and predators at bay.

To read the guide, click here.

Weekly Rundown

From baby formula to electronic chips, the supply chain crisis has made it hard for Tennesseans to get their hands on important products. We must focus on long-term economic recovery as well as short-term fixes, which is why my colleagues and I introduced legislation to establish a national database to prevent future supply chain disruptions. This database will help manufacturers decide how to best meet demand for necessary products, such as defense supplies, food, and medical devices. 

It was good to be in West Tennessee to meet with local leaders in Shelby County, Gibson County, and Humphreys County about the issues affecting Tennessee communities. Inflation was a top concern, as many families are struggling to pay bills, buy groceries, and fill up their cars. I also had a productive meeting with the VA Memphis Healthcare System to discuss the importance of ensuring veterans have access to quality care.
This week Washington radicals tried to legalize late-term abortions. This vote was a continuation of their mission to undermine the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, and I voted against this pro-abortion agenda. Thank God, the bill failed! I also sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer addressing the threats he made against Supreme Court Justices and introduced the Public Servant Protection Act to protect the Justices as they defend the Constitution.

Marsha’s Roundup









  • I introduced a bill to prevent federally funded U.S. research from being shared with Chinese entities that participate in the Chinese Communist Party’s Military Civil-Fusion strategy. 
  • My bipartisan effort to protect kids from ingesting button batteries is one step closer to becoming law. To read more about Reese’s Law, click here.
  • To plan a tour of the Capitol, please visit my website here. Tour spots are filling up fast and will need to be booked three months in advance, so please contact my office as soon as possible to plan your tour. For additional information on places to see in D.C., please contact my office here
  • Sign up to join Senator Bill Hagerty and me at Tennessee Tuesday every Tuesday the Senate is in session. 
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