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Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department ask for Public Input on Bel-Aire Park Improvement Project

Neighbors will help determine future of Bel-Aire Pool

Clarksville Parks and Recreation DepartmentClarksville, TN – The Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department is inviting the public to provide public input for the Bel Aire Park Improvement Project. 

These discussions will be held on May 30th at Kleeman Recreation Center and May 31st at Bel-Aire Park. Both sessions will be from 5:30pm-7:30pm and will provide an opportunity for community members to contribute their preferences regarding the future development of the park.

The purpose of these talks is to gather input from residents and park users following the recent discovery of a void beneath Bel-Aire Pool. A comprehensive geological study was conducted, revealing that the void may pose a safety risk, making it impossible to repair and reopen the pool. Consequently, the decision has been made to permanently close Bel-Aire Pool.

“We understand the disappointment that the permanent closure of the Bel Aire Pool may bring to our community, but the safety of our residents is our utmost priority,” said Jennifer Letourneau, Director of the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department. “We are committed to transforming this area into a space that will continue to enhance the recreational opportunities available to our residents.”

In order to determine the future of Bel-Aire Park & Pool, Clarksville Parks and Recreation has identified four potential options to consider. These options include the development of a skate park, the establishment of outdoor pickleball courts, the creation of an enhanced playground, or the construction of an athletic field. The public input sessions will serve as a platform for individuals to voice their preferences and offer suggestions for the transformation of the park.

The sessions will allow citizens to engage in discussions with Parks and Recreation representatives, and provide feedback on their preferred option for the Bel-Aire Park Improvement Project. The input received will be taken into careful consideration during the decision-making process.

“We encourage all members of the community, and especially those in the surrounding neighborhood, to attend these meetings and share their valuable insights with us,” added Letourneau. “This is an opportunity for us to work together and shape the future of Bel Aire Park, ensuring that it meets the needs and desires of our residents for years to come.”

Community members that are unable to attend the public input sessions can still provide input through an online form found at this link https://bit.ly/3pKjy14

For more information about the Bel Aire Park Improvement Project and the public input opportunities, please visit the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department website at ClarksvilleParksRec.com or contact the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department at 931.645.7476 or by email at parksrec@cityofclarksville.com.

About the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department

Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department OfficeClarksville Parks and Recreation Department provides a variety of indoor/outdoor programs, facilities, nature activities and entertainment events for people living in Clarksville, Montgomery County and Fort Campbell. These free or reasonably priced, year-round experiences help residents enhance their health, wellness, and social engagement — resulting in a stronger, better community.

The Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of recreational facilities and activities for all ages, maintains more than 700 acres of parks and facilities, provides 22 park facilities that offer a variety of amenities, including playgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails and pavilions or picnic shelters and maintains three community centers with year-round programming for youth, adults and seniors, as well as four public swimming pools

The Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department is located at 102 Public Square, Clarksville.

To learn more call 931.645.7476.


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