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BBC stops at Montgomery County Democratic, Republican headquarters

BBC radio's Rowan Bridge interviews Clarksville for Obama chairman Terry McMoore at MCDP headquarters

When the BBC Election Bus pulled into Clarksville, its first news stop was the Montgomery County Democratic Party headquarters on Madison Street, where a steady stream of area resident surged in and out, registering to vote and picking up Obama/Biden signs from a rapidly depleting stockpile (more signs due in Tuesday, October 7).

The BBC Election bus originated its trip in Los Angeles, and is working its way across middle America, talking to everyday Americans and catching the Presidential and Vice-presidential debates along the way. The bus trips end on Long Island, but the teams will continue to feed political news through the election on November 4.

MCDP Chairman Gene Lewis, State Senate Candidate Tim Barnes and Clarksville for Obama Chairman Terry McMoore welcomed the BBC team to Clarksville.

BBC newsman Allan Little poses a question to military wife Lisa Jackson

BBC television crews took the time to speak with several residents, including Lisa Jackson, whose husband is about to deploy to the Afghanistan war zone. Lisa, a first time campaign volunteer who renounced her Republican ties, explained to BBC broadcaster Allan Little why she is so sure Senator Barack Obama “needs” to be the next president.

“The Republicans are out of touch, they have a selfish approach to government. I did my homework, and in my opinion, Obama is brilliant, prepared and capable, he’s the type of leader we need. I am talking aboutt he state of the country, not my own needs. Obama just has the better plan.” ~~ Lisa Jackson

Retired Army Chaplain Rev. Charles Moreland speaks to BBC newsman Allan Little

Vietnam veteran and retired chaplain Rev. Charles Moreland spoke of his two tours as an Army chaplain in Vietnam, from 1966-68. “I trust Obama to the right thing,” Moreland said, indicating that war is not the answer. Moreland, who is quietly active on many fronts in Clarksville, had high praise for the Obama/Biden ticket, and said of Republican vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin, “I’m glad she’s on McCain’s ticket.”

BBC Radio Reporter Rowan Bridge spoke with a number of Democratic volunteers before heading to Republican Party headquarters at 1820 Madison Street, where a similar bustle of voters seeking yard signs, bumper stickers and T-Shirts were politicking through the day. Beside the McCain/Palin promotional materials were write-in vote materials for Senator Rosalind Kurita.


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