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Clarksville Police Department’s newest Canine Team

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – Clarksville Police veteran Service Dog ‘Karma’ is hitting the streets this week with a brand new partner, Officer Joshua Swaffer.

Karma and Officer Swaffer recently completed the six-week Southern Police K-9 Handlers course in Spring Hill, North Carolina and are the newest additions to the Clarksville Police Department’s K-9 Unit.

Clarksville Police veteran Service Dog ‘Karma’ and Officer Joshua Swaffer.
Clarksville Police veteran Service Dog ‘Karma’ and Officer Joshua Swaffer.

The team trained in advanced on- and off-lead obedience and control, to include hand commands, agility (to enable Karma to surmount various obstacles such as walls, ditches, and fences), evidence searches to locate lost items, stolen property, weapons, and other criminal evidence, and on- and off-lead area searches in restrictive areas for the presence of humans.

The team was also trained on searches of indoor or covered structures for the presence of humans, various vehicle entrance and exit techniques, and how to react to situations and commands in these techniques.

Tracking training included following the path of a human on foot in varying terrain and conditions, apprehension and release upon command, recall from pursuit on command, as well as how Karma can protect his handler and himself from physical threats. The team also trained to detect and locate various illegal narcotics. Officer Swaffer completed classes in canine safety and health care, and legal updates pertaining to police canine deployment.

The Clarksville Police Department congratulates K-9 Officer Joshua Swaffer and Police Service Dog Karma for this prestigious accomplishment! They are a welcome and important addition to the C.P.D. K-9 Unit.


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