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The Joel Brown Band rocks Downtown Clarksville at Jammin in the Alley

Jammin in the AlleyClarksville, TN – Friday night, the place to be was Strawberry Alley for this summer’s third Jammin in the Alley concert. Due to rain in the forecast, the event started at 6:30pm instead of 7:00pm.

Joe Padula of The Joe Padula Show on 1400am WJZM said, “It’s great to be here at Jammin in the Alley, the downtown party with a purpose to help not only grow Downtown Clarksville but to create awareness of what’s down here, the businesses, the people and the live music. And tonight, The Joel Brown Band is here providing the live music. It was fantastic.”

The Joel Brown Band playing at Jammin in the Alley Friday night.
The Joel Brown Band playing at Jammin in the Alley Friday night.

Jammin in the Alley is a great family event. For the kids, there was face painting, balloon hats and strawberry sodas. For the adults, there was cornhole, great music and Budweiser beverages.

Appleton Harley-Davidson was holding a $50.00 gift card giveaway. Just sign up for a chance to win. They were also promoting their 14th annual Buddy & Glen Memorial Poker Run that is taking place July 30th, 2016.

“This is such a great event,” stated Appleton Harley-Davidson representative Leah Keese. “We are proud to be a sponsor and help bring this event to Downtown Clarksville.”

Leah Keese with Appleton Harley-Davidson.
Leah Keese with Appleton Harley-Davidson.

The Joel Brown Band was just awesome. They performed a great combination of covers and originals, such as their new single “Stoplight Girl”, set to their unique style. They had the crowd energized, dancing and even singing along at times.

“I just loving coming down to Jammin in the Alley. The Joel Brown Band is really good. I love the music their playing,” stated Crystal Monahan. “I think this is one of the greatest events Clarksville has to offer.”

“I love it. The Joel Brown Band is great,” said Joe Padula, “As someone that lives in downtown, I love to see the growth of this event and the area.”

“This event is really cool. I know they struggle to put this event on because it’s hard to get sponsors every year. You never know who is going to want it or not want,” stated Joel Brown. “Because it’s really nobody’s property here but the City’s so they have to get permission to do it.”

Balloon Hat.“It is an awesome event, because it’s family friendly. My family gets to come here and see it. It nice to come in here and get to play. Plus, it was pretty weather tonight even though the rain is coming in. It’s not 99 degrees right now,” said Brown.

Due to a thunderstorm moving into the area, the event had to shut down around 8:00pm.

“The crowd here is awesome. I think everybody had a good time,” stated Brown. “I wish we could have done it alittle bit longer. But it was good.”

Dancing at jammin in the Alley“As you know, there are business that are opening and closing in our fair, what we like to call cultural epicenter of the city, and that is nothing we want to see. We want to see downtown not only survive but thrive. The only way to do so is to create awareness of what is around us.” said Joe Padula. “Thank god for events like Jammin in the Alley and so many other free public events where were inviting the City of Clarksville and beyond to party with a purpose in Downtown clarksville.”

The next Jammin in the Alley is set for August 12th. Checkout the Jammin in the Alley Facebook page for news and updates on the next event.

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About Jammin in the Alley

Jammin in the Alley is a music event for all ages. Located on Strawberry Alley in Historic Downtown Clarksville. This is a seasonal event created to promote our Downtown and show where Clarksville started and how it is growing today. Features live bands from around the area.


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