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Marsha Blackburn spends time with Rossview Elementary students

Congressman Marsha Blackburn

7th District of Tennessee

U.S. Congress

Washington, D.C. – On Monday, I spent time with some amazing children from the Clarksville area. The 1st and 2nd graders from Rossview Elementary invited me to read with them. We read the book called One Proud Penny and talked about how pennies are made. They were great readers and very curious about my job as a U.S. Congressman.

Later in the afternoon, I had lunch with Robyn Gordon, an inspirational 13-year-old who has written a children’s book called Stop Bullying. Robyn is a brave and courageous young woman who was bullied when she was 6.

U.S. Congressman Marsha Blackburn
U.S. Congressman Marsha Blackburn

That inspired her to share her story and urge other children to stop bullying and treat each other with love and compassion instead.

Robyn is a talented young woman who has a very bright future ahead of her. I am so encouraged by these young people and what their futures will hold.

They will contribute great things as the future leaders of our country.

President Donald Trump Visits Tennessee

As you may have heard, President Trump visited Middle Tennessee on Wednesday. It was a pleasure to welcome him to the Municipal Auditorium and to speak to the crowd before he took the stage. President Trump is continuing to fulfill his promises as he works with Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act and put patient-centered health care in its place, reform the tax code, secure our border, and provide regulatory relief to millions of Americans. I look forward to doing my part in working with him to make our country the best it can be.

An Update on Health Care

On Wednesday, I sent out a health care update to keep you informed about the process to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with patient-centered health care. We know that this concerns many of you and I am working diligently with my colleagues to provide the best outcome for the American people.

Conservatives are focused on a patient-centered solution to health care that provides affordable access and utilization for hard working tax-payers. If you missed the update, you can read it here.

Subcommittee on Environment Hearing

The Energy and Commerce’s Subcommittee on Environment held a hearing on the reinvestment and rehabilitation of our nation’s safe drinking water delivery systems. This hearing allowed the panel to look at the current drinking water infrastructure in place and examine the ways that we can invest in these systems to better their quality in the future. You can watch my opening remarks from the hearing below.  

7th District Teletown Hall Event

On Thursday night, my office called over 30,000 constituents to participate in a Teletown Hall event. For an hour, we talked about health care, immigration, and the President’s travel ban. WE also had two poll questions. 94% of you favor having the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines. 93% support securing our nation’s borders.

Several callers mentioned that they are tired of the partisan bickering and hope to see civility return to Washington and both Democrats and Republicans work with President Trump. As always, it is great to hear from you directly about your concerns and opinions. Thank you to those of you who answered the call and participated. 

Constituents in the Office

Each week, we love welcoming constituents from across the 7th District into the office. This week, it was great to have Matthew and Daniel Richardson from the Camden Chronicle in to discuss the needs of rural papers. We also welcomed in Executive Director of the South Central Human Resource Agency, Paul Rosson and Judge John Damron in to discuss the impact of Community Action in the local communities and Tennessee. 


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