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We are beating this virus. Keep up the fight!

The White HouseWashington, D.C. – Thanks to the selflessness and patriotism of Americans who have rallied behind President Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Guidelines, we are slowing the spread of disease and saving many, many lives.
The President’s guidelines called for 30 days of mitigation efforts, which continue through the end of April. According to health experts, these actions are paying off.


“What we have been doing has been working,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week. “So the call that I say every time I get to this podium is, ‘Just keep it up,’ because this is going to get us out of it. This is our best and only great public health tool.” 
When more people protect themselves and stay healthy, more space frees up in our hospitals to treat the sick. When more people socially distance themselves and follow President Trump’s guidelines, more time is bought to develop safe, effective treatments.
Keep up the fight! The more we all do now, the sooner we’ll beat this invisible enemy. 


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