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Under President Donald Trump’s Leadership, U.S. Economy Will Come Back Strong

The White HouseWashington, D.C. – “As the economy gets back to where it was, with record low unemployment for African Americans, Hispanics, women and the disabled, and with more rapid increases in non-supervisory pay, Americans deserve to be hopeful and eager to get back to their pre-pandemic routines,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross writes in The Kansas City Star.
“While we focus on improving the economic growth of our nation, all Americans from coast to coast will be able to enjoy the economic benefits of which the United States of America is capable.”

The White House - West Wing. (Official White House Photo)

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“NBC News attempted this week to use the power of Google to cancel our publication, the Federalist,” Ben Domenech and Sean Davis write. “The effort failed, but it should serve as a warning about the unchecked power of big tech companies, particularly when they can be manipulated by partisans.” Read more in The Wall Street Journal.

“One by one, the strategies that transformed [New York City] from the murder capital of America into the safest big city in the land have been stripped away, and the latest to go is the NYPD’s enormously successful anti-crime initiative,” Bob McManus writes in the New York Post.

“Second lady Karen Pence believes one way for military families to get through their many challenges and stresses is to start talking about the problems more, not less,” Leo Shane III writes. Mrs. Pence spoke yesterday at a White House event where President Donald Trump unveiled a roadmap to stop veteran suicide. Read more in Military Times.


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