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AT&T releases Outage Update, December 27th

AT&T INCNashville, TN – Significant progress was made in our restoration efforts overnight. Power was restored to 4 floors of the building. So far, more than 65% of mobility sites affected by the explosion on Friday, December 25th, 2020 have been restored.

Saturday, more than three feet of water was pumped out of the building’s basement, but access to the lower floors of the building is still limited.

Nashville Recovery Efforts. (AT&T)

Teams are working to safely bring additional equipment online and reroute services through other facilities in the region.

While mobility services have been restored in many areas, we still have more than 17 portable cell sites on the air to aid in communication, including for restoration teams and first responders.

We are bringing in additional resources to support the recovery of wireline voice and data services and expect to have a fleet of 24 additional trailers of disaster recovery equipment on-site by the end of the day.

Today our teams are working on adding additional cabling and more generators to provide more power into the building for our equipment and the restoration efforts. We continue to assess the damage to the facility and have confirmed that the building’s commercial power connections are damaged and offline. We are working with the local power utility on repairs.

In addition, there is other significant damage to the building from the blast, including to the elevators, some beams/columns, and the building’s façade.

We’ll provide additional updates here as our recovery progresses.


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