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Leadership Clarksville Class of 2022

Leadership ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – Leadership Clarksville announces its Class of 2022.

In its 35th year of operation, the Leadership Clarksville program continues its tradition of education, inclusion, and development. 

By providing proven community leaders an opportunity to see deep into many aspects of life in Clarksville and Montgomery County, the program seeks to draw our residents closer while continuing to recognize its potential for growth.

“Leadership Clarksville serves our local business, civic, non-profit, and religious organizations with an opportunity for their leaders to gain a deeper understanding of our community while developing lifelong relationships with their classmates and alumni,” said Rich Holladay, executive director. 

“We meet monthly over the course of the year in educational sessions at varying locations hosted by a wide variety of local leaders. The participants will find many chances to increase their knowledge and impact, both now and in the future,” Holladay stated.

Graduates emerge from the program better prepared and more knowledgeable about our community and its benefits as well as needs.

Also, at the annual board meeting in June, Darwin Eldridge, president, and Joel Wallace, vice president, welcomed Betty Burchett as secretary/treasurer.


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