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Clarksville City Councilperson Karen Reynolds – Ward 9 Newsletter, December 8th

Written by Karen Reynolds
Clarksville City Council – Ward 9

City of Clarksville - Ward 9Clarksville, TN – The Executive and Regular meetings were scheduled in the same week due to the holiday and I was not able to send out a note before we voted. At the close of my first year as your City Councilperson and I wanted to share some of the things I am working on.

Link to Agenda – Regular Session Dec 2 2021

The cities farmland is getting sold and we are growing rooftops rather than crops, I continually advocated for sidewalks and infrastructure as our city infills. The members of Clarksville City Council have indicated we should support the Regional Planning Committee and the developers with deep pockets will build the infrastructure as we grow.

I pushed back several months ago, we literally raised taxes to build infrastructure, it was needed, and I voted “Yes” but if we were paying attention to infrastructure along the way this would not have been necessary.

To learn more about the process I attended the Regional Planning commission Staff meeting on November 16th and followed thru to the November 23rd Regional Planning Commission Meeting.

There were 2 subdivision applications on the agendas off Needmore Road:

S-79-2021 – Cardinal Creek Subdivision Acreage 228.21 with 467 lots

SR-67-2021 – Bell Road Apartments, Acreage 15.06 approximately 144 units.

The street department had recommended sidewalks as well as widening the road near the Bell Road Apartments project.

By the meeting on November 23rd, the sidewalks requirement was removed from both projects. The first was decided prior to the meeting and the second decision was made by vote of the commission, removing the sidewalk and road widening then approving the plan.

Comments from members of the committee:

-We will build sidewalks to nowhere

-We don’t want to build sidewalks that may have to be removed in 10 years.

-We won’t require widening of the Needmore because there isn’t a plan for the rest of the road.

-It is not equitable to require one builder to place sidewalks and not another.

-This widening for the Bell Road apartments should have been stated earlier, not at the stage it was presented.

Overall, they made it very clear that the taxpayers would be responsible for any road improvements on Needmore, not the developers.

This will be one of the last times I support infill on Needmore Road until the city has short-term and long-term plans to build infrastructure for the thousands of rooftops that exist or are in a phase of development. The infrastructure plans should center the safety and well-being of the community with traffic calming measures as well as connectivity to the schools and parks for residents that wish to walk.

I continue to advocate for our community to support Mental Health initiatives. I attend the Montgomery County Health Council and I hope to work Judge Katy Olita as she explores the creation of a Mental Health Court for Montgomery County. I am working to socialize the use of the APP created by Hope for the Day, which is a Resource Compass to search for free and reduced-cost mental health resources.

Hope for the Day Website and Link to Community Resources

The Clarksville Police Department officially launched the City’s first Crisis Intervention Team on December 3rd, to assist in cases where individuals face mental illness or emotional crisis and help de-escalate situations through specialized responses.

I am a member of the Sustainability Board, and which was created this summer by resolution. We will form committees with citizen involvement, please share your ideas for initiatives and let me know if you have an interest in becoming a committee member.

When I knocked on doors and asked for your vote, I indicated that I would focus on infrastructure, sustainable growth, and mental health initiatives. The council has presented resolutions and ordinances that pertain to state and national issues, I have weighed in and voted, but these are not issues I campaigned on and they are not the focus of my work. We won’t agree on all issues, but I hope that you see I am working on the local issues that we discussed when I knocked on your doors.

Just a friendly reminder, when an elected official makes waves, there are always consequences and prices to pay, I ask for “grace” as I make waves and ask the hard questions, and challenge the status quo. Your voice matters, please continue to reach out when you have questions or concerns.

Proposed Redistricting of Ward 9ORD 56-2021-22 – Amending the Official Code of the City of Clarksville Reapportioning the City of Clarksville for the Purpose of Electing Persons for the Office of City Council [Citywide Reapportionment – 2020 Census]

Ward 9 has changed, but I want to assure everyone that even if you are no longer in Ward 9, I will continue to represent you, this just means now you have two City Councilpersons.


Link to Montgomery County Election Commission – Redistricting 2021

City of Clarksville Reapportionment Follow Up Presentation 1st Reading

Planning Commission – Zoning Ordinance: First Reading

Passed and I Voted Yes Unless annotated

AG Agricultural District
C-2 General Commercial District
C-5: Highway & Arterial Commercial District
M-3 Planned Industrial District
O-1 Office District
R-1 Single Family Residential District
R-2 Single Family Residential District
R-3 Three Family Residential District
R-4 Multiple Family Residential District
R-6 Single Family Residential District


ORD 60-2021-22-Application of Reda Home Builders, Inc. for Zone Change on property located at the intersection of Twin Rivers Road and Nolen Road R-1 to R-4

CC Ward 9 Acreage: 3.92 Lots: 46 Population: 124

Applicant’s Statement: Rezoning to build condos to sell individually with an HOA to ensure property For Proposed UseE: maintenance and management

Passed, I voted NO

Call For Action: Please send letters to the email addresses listed above, we have one more vote for this re-zoning request.

This is the 4th time this property has been requested to rezone since 2012, each time it has been denied. It is adjacent to manufacturing – with large trucks traveling the road. At the end of the road is a 3-way intersection that will soon experience an increase in traffic from the 174 apartments that have been built. The half traffic circle at Nolen, Twin Rivers, and Old Trenton Road should be corrected before adding an additional 412 trips to this intersection.

The only upgrade to the corner made by in the traffic study was to turn it into an all way stop which would affect the trucks that travel to the cement factory at the end of Nolan Road. They will have to stop on the hill. Trenton road is has a sign posted that indicated no vehicles allowed but due to the increased traffic, the truck are already accesses then Nolan road from Dunbar Cave Road – Trenton, and right turn onto Nolan Road.

There is a new road built that connects Old Trenton and Wilma but there is not stop sign for left hand turns so it is not conducive for the members of the community to travel to this road.

ORD 61-2021-22 – Southern terminus of McCormick Lane from R-2A to R-4

CC Ward 11 Acreage: 11.7 Lots: 164/140 Population: 442/378

Applicant’s Statement: Property to be zoned consistent with current and adjacent zoning to allow multifamily

ORD 62-2021-22-The intersection of Sango Road and Woody Lane from O-1 to R-5

Passed – I voted Yes

CC Ward 10 Acreage: 10.46 Lots: 125 Population: 337

Applicant’s Statement: Proposed condominium development
The access is a private drive but will be built by the street department standards per the developer.

ORD 63-2021-22-The intersection of Gupton Lane & Gupton Circle From R-1 to R-4 Residential

Failed-I voted NO

The road was too narrow to support the additional traffic.

ORD 64-2021-22-North of Rossview Road, west of I-24, & east of the Rossview School Complex from C-4 to C-2 RPC


CC Ward 12 Acreage: 14.7 Lots: 176 Population: 475

Applicant’s Statement: For a proposed mixed use development.
The developer provided their plans and will leave frontage for further development. They are addressing the traffic congestion.

ORD 65-2021-The intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard & Fire Station Road from C-4 to C-2

CC Ward 10 Acreage: 19.20 Lots: 230 Population: 621

Applicant’s Statement: Portion is more suitable for small commercial or multi-use, and eliminate any chance of For Proposed Use: big box retail near existing residential.

ORD 66-2021-22-Amending the City Zoning ORD of the City of Clarksville, Tennessee, as it pertains to Planned Unit Developments and Mixed-Use Planned Unit Developments

Consent Agenda

All Items Passed and I Voted Yes Unless Annotated

ORD 29-2021-22-Amending the official code of the City of Clarksville Title 4 (Building, Utility and Housing Codes) relative to non-single family housing

ORD 30-2021-22-Amending the official code Title 1, Chapter 2, Section 204 relative to presenting legislation and deliberation of City Council members to maximize efficiency


I continue to state, that we do not have an issue with council members speaking too long, it is an issue of overloaded agendas, and many of us not willing to be a rubber stamp on ordinances or resolutions in the guise of efficiency and time.

ORD 48-2021-22-intersection of E. Boy Scout Rd. and Needmore Rd. from AG/C-2 to R-1/R-4

I have received several emails from the resident who live on E. Boy Scout Road. I have read all of them and I respect their concerns. I understand the concerns of the residents, but the builder has agreed to widen this road and add a sidewalk in their project. This road leads a park and connects to a school.

ORD 49-2021-22-The intersection of Peachers Mill Road & Pollard Road from R-1 to R-4

ORD 50-2021-22 -North of Martin Luther King Blvd, west of Huntco Dr. & east of Vaughn Rd. from C-4 to C-2

ORD 51-2021-22 – Intersection of Crossland Ave. & Robert S. Brown Dr. from C-5 to C-2

ORD 52-2021-22 – The intersection of Daniel St. & Lucas Ln. from R-3 to R-6

ORD 53-2021-22 – The intersection of Peachers Mill Rd., & W. Boy Scout Rd. from C-5 to R-2

ORD 54-2021-22 – The intersection of Notgrass Rd. & Arbor St. from R-1 to R-4

ORD 55-2021-22 – Intersection of Notgrass Rd. & Copeland Rd. from R-1 to R-4

ORD 58-2021-22 – Authorizing a name change from Office of Housing and Community Development to Neighborhood and Community Services

RESOLUTION 32-2021-22 Approving Appointments to the After Hours Establishment Board, Museum Board and Audit Committee

New Business

ORD 59-2021-22 Approving the amendment to ORD 45-2021-22 pertaining to a settlement of the Robinsons and/or Franklin Street Corporation (FSC) v. City State Court and Federal Court lawsuits

We voted to approve the settlement two months earlier, there was a change in the settlement because there was not a clear deed to the property the Robinson’s were going to deed to the city. It was removed from the settlement, no other changes.

RESOLUTION 35-2021-22 Authorize the Mayor of the City of Clarksville to sign a proposal with the Tennessee Dept. of Transportation for Project Number (FEDERAL PROJECT NUMBER: HSIP-236(7), (STATE PROJECT NUMBER: 64047-0229-94,63037-3229-94, 63037-229-94, 63037-1229-94) – This is a light at the entrance of 12 Oaks Subdivision

RESOLUTION 58-2020-21 – Supporting the decriminalization of simple possession or casual exchange of marijuana for personal use and access to and use of Medical Marijuana – Councilperson Butler

The resolution was amended to include medical marijuana. The amendment removed the request to the Police and DA to make them the lowest enforcement priority, it is directed to the State Legislature.

I received phone calls regarding this resolution, some asking for support others asking me to vote no. I discussed the intent and the inclusion of Medical Use and a few understood importance of “showing our support”. This is one of the issues that I referred to in my introduction, I did not introduce this but once it is on the agenda, it is an item that must be addressed.

Passed – I voted YES


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