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Port Royal Historic Park offers tours by Lantern light

Have you ever wondered what John Montgomery thought as he sat out on a long hunters journey? Or perhaps you have always wanted to know how early settlers’ wives made a Fort into a home? Just how mysterious was that historic night when Dr. Hopson tended to the Bell Family and their spirit troubles?

On a moonlit Lantern tour of Historic Port Royal, you can find the answers to these questions and more, including a first hand account of the Cherokee traveling the Trail of Tears, what really happened during the Tobacco Wars, and the theories surrounding the end of the Silk Mill.

On Thursday, October 23, at  6 p.m., tours will step into Port Royal’s past, with groups leaving the Port Royal State Historic Park Interpretive Center every twenty minuets until 9 p.m. Each stop along the way will be 8-10 minutes long, for a total of an hour long tour. The tours are free and open to the public.

Afterwards, on your way out, be sure to stop by the bonfire for refreshments and more historic tales as told by local residents in the Port Royal community. This event is an ideal Autumn evening for the whole family. The tour is not frightening, nor meant to be scary; it  revisits some of Port Royal’s most famous notables, but may send a bit of a chill up your spine.

For more information and directions, contact Port Royal State Historic Park at 931-358-9696.



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