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Mr. Baggett’s War Story

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School SystemClarksville, TN – Montgomery County native Earl Cragon Baggett turned 90 years old Saturday but instead of receiving gifts – he’s giving them. Mr. Baggett’s nephew, Blaine Baggett, whose previous history projects include PBS documentaries on The Great War, grew up hearing about his uncle’s experiences with the “Hard Luck Division” in World War II. Cragon Baggett, who has a fourth grade education, put those memories of his two years in North Africa, Italy and France down on paper and his nephew published them along with photos in “Uncle Cragon’s War: A Memoir of World War II and the Hard Luck Division.”

Mr. Baggett is giving the hardback, 50-page books to each of the seven high schools in Clarksville-Montgomery County. Since Mr. Baggett is still driving, he plans to be at Rossview High School’s library on Tuesday, October 19th at 11:00am to meet with students who are studying World War II. His book is a memoir of a young Tennessee boy who went off to war, suffered great hardship (including trench foot, malaria and getting shot); saw terrible things, but somehow survived when most of the men in his unit did not.


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