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Clarksville’s annual “Shop with a Cop” gives to the less fortunate

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – Smiling faces, silver badges and crowded aisles were the order of the day in Clarksville, Tennessee this morning as about one hundred underprivileged children from all over the community flocked to the Sango Wal-Mart store to participate in the annual Shop With A Cop event.

The Clarksville Police Union and Two Rivers Lodge # 23 of the Fraternal Order of Police partnered again this year to co-sponsor the event. Enough money was raised to provide each child with one hundred dollars to spend for Christmas.

Clarksville's annual "Shop with a Cop"
Clarksville’s annual “Shop with a Cop”

Dozens of law enforcement officers from the Clarksville Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office armed themselves with calculators instead of Tasers in order to team up with the pint-sized shoppers and help them get the best bang for every buck while staying within their budget.

More than one officer might have been spied discretely dipping into his or her own pocket when the final cost went a dollar or two over the limit.

The officers were reinforced by Clarksville Police Department civilian employees, Clarksville Police Explorer Scouts, and members of the West Creek High School Criminal Justice Club.

Ms. Brenda Finley brought twelve-year-old Valencia and six-year-old Devon to participate in the shopping and stated, “I think this was a good deed and I want to give a shout out to the police officers for being so good to us!”

Clarksville's annual "Shop with a Cop"
Clarksville’s annual “Shop with a Cop”

Tradition held firm this year as, once again, many of the children chose to spend a big portion of their available money on siblings and family members instead of on themselves.

Clarksville Police Union President Tyler Barrett stated, “I want to thank our local business and citizens for their kind donations that are helping us to build this rapport with the community and give to the less fortunate. Barrett added, “We especially want to thank the Sango Wal-Mart for their help and support.”

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #23 President DeMone Chestnut added, “I’d like to thank Tyler Barrett for all of the fine effort he puts into this event every year. The Two Rivers F.O.P. Lodge will always support the Clarksville Police Union in the enrichment of our community.”

Wal-Mart Manager Keith Griffin stated, “We are very proud to participate with local law enforcement officers in this event. We appreciate the time they take out of their own schedules to make Shop With A Cop such a success every year.”

Clarksville Police Officer Sarah Sager’s reason for showing up and supporting Shop With A Cop may have been one of the best:  “I grew up in a poor family with seven brothers and sisters. If we had any Christmas at all it was from a church or The Salvation Army. This was my chance to return some of my blessings and to give back to my community.”

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