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Representative Mark Green Statement on Flooding Across Tennessee

U.S. house of RepresentativesWashington, D.C. – Yesterday, Representative Mark Green spoke with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) regarding the extensive rainfall and flooding experienced across Tennessee. Many constituents in Hardin County and Decatur County are at risk for excessive flooding from the Pickwick Landing Dam with the Tennessee River already elevated from heavy rainfall and runoff from last week’s storms.

Representative Green said, “I am actively monitoring the flooding situation as the TVA is working to manage rainfall and runoff across the entire Tennessee River system to minimize impacts to communities.”

U.S. Representative Mark Green
U.S. Representative Mark Green

As the rain waters continue to flood the mainstream Tennessee River, TVA must increase releases from dams in order to keep pace with the large volumes of water that enter the river from local creeks, streams, and rivers,” stated Representative Green.

Representative Green continued, “This heavy runoff combined with necessary releases from the upstream dams means that river elevation along the Tennessee Valley is already above the ‘moderate flood stage’ and will continue rising this week nearing ‘major flood stage’ by the weekend. TVA is currently in a flood control operation, coordinating releases from TVA’s Kentucky Dam with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.”

After the horrible flooding last year, Representative Green asked the TVA to do everything in their power to ensure that does not happen again.

Constituents needing assistance can call Green’s office at 629.223.6050. Those with questions can visit TVA’s website to keep up to date on the latest conditions and forecast releases.


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