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Dr. Alveda King says President Donald Trump Is Moving the Nation Toward Police Reform and Racial Justice

The White HouseWashington, D.C. – “In his ‘I Have a Dream’ address of August 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called for an end to the scourge of racism in the United States,” writes King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, in the Washington Examiner.
“As President Donald Trump works toward building a more perfect union, America can dream again. Immediately after Floyd’s brutal death, Trump made clear that he is fully committed to ensuring justice will be served for George and his family—that he will not have died on that gray pavement in vain.”

The White House - West Wing. (Official White House Photo)

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“Chicago saw its highest number of gun violence victims in a single weekend this year with 102 people shot across the city from Friday evening to Monday morning, 14 of them fatally. Five of those killed were minors,” the Chicago Sun-Times reports.
President Donald Trump has opposed calls from the left to defund U.S. police departments.

“The Labor Department on Friday reported jobless rates in May for the 50 states, and the news is the greater than usual variation. Some state economies are recovering much faster than others, and the worst performing tend to be those that have imposed the most severe lockdowns,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.

President Trump will visit Yuma, Arizona, tomorrow to mark completion for the 200th mile of border wall system between the United States and Mexico. “Trump will tour the border wall and thank U.S. Border Patrol and law enforcement for their efforts,” The Associated Press reports.


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