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City of Clarksville Offices closed Friday, January 7th

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts announced all City of Clarksville administrative offices will be closed Friday, January 7th, 2022 due to inclement weather and hazardous winter weather driving conditions.

The National Weather Service anticipates temperatures plummeting to single digits tonight and remaining in below-freezing temperatures until late Saturday morning.
“I want to say thank you to the Clarksville Street Department, the Montgomery Highway Department, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation for getting our roads clear today,” Mayor Pitts said. “I also want to thank the Clarksville Police Department, who’s been very busy on the road, and I encourage everyone to please be safe. If you do not have to get out on the streets, please do not.

Specific City of Clarksville Department Updates

Clarksville Transit System: Service ended tonight at 6:00pm and will start with a 2-hour delay tomorrow morning for all routes, see schedule below. CTS will communicate any changes to the routes below through the CTS SPOT mobile app. You may also visit www.rideCTS.com or the CTS Facebook page for any updates.

  • Route 111 – Fort Campbell Start Time: 6:25am
  • Route 112 – Fort Campbell Start Time: 6:40am
  • Route 311 – Cunningham Lane Start Time: 7:40am
  • Route 411 Peachers Mill Road Start Time: 7:40am
  • Route 511 Hilldale Start Time: 7:10am
  • Route 512 Hilldale Start Time: 7:40am
  • Route 611 Madison Street Start Time: 7:36am
  • Route 711 Governor’s Square Mall Start Time: 7:40am
  • Route 811 Hospital/101 Express Start Time: 6:40am
  • Route 812 Hospital/101 Express Start Time: 7:40am
  • Route 211 Tiny Town Road Start Time: 8:10am
  • Route 212 Tiny Town Road Start Time: 9:10am
  • Route 313 Cunningham Lane Start Time: 8:10am
  • Route 613 Madison Street Start Time: 8:06am
  • Route 713 Governor’s Square Mall Start Time: 8:10am
  • Rute 1000 Industrial Park Start Time: 7:55am


Public Safety Facilities: Administrative lobbies will be closed to the public. Clarksville Police Officers and Clarksville Fire Rescue will continue to respond to all emergency calls.

Gas & Water: The Clarksville Gas & Water Department (CGW) administration and engineering offices will be closed, including the north and south customer service centers. The department will only be open for emergencies. In the event of a gas, water, or sewer emergency, customers should call 931.645.7400 or the after-hours emergency line at 931.645.0116. The Utility Billing Line, 931.645.7400, automated pay by phone and WebConnect, www.clarksvillegw.com, online bill payment feature will be operational. The payment drop box on 2215 Madison Street is available at any hour, and Kiosk paysites located at 111 Cunningham Lane and Clarksville 24-hour Hi-Road Convenience Stores are available for customer bill payment.

Municipal Court: The Court Clerk’s Office will be closed. The court will still be in session; however, please reschedule your court date if you deem it too dangerous to get there. There will be no repercussions. On Monday, you may contact the Municipal Court by calling 931.648.4604 or by email at ernie.griffith@cityofclarksville.com

Clarksville Street Department: The Clarksville Street Department will continue to focus on clearing City thoroughfares and hilly areas, eventually spreading its efforts to subdivisions and residential streets.

CDE Lightband: The office will remain open, but customers are highly encouraged to use phone and online systems to reach the utility when possible. In the event of a service outage, please call 931.648.8151. Customers may also go online at www.cdelightband.com/customer-service/ for service and bill paying information.

All City of Clarksville offices are expected to reopen on Monday, January 10th, for regularly scheduled hours.

Citizens should watch local media and County and City social media pages for updates.


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