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Clarksville City Councilperson Karen Reynolds – Ward 9 Newsletter, February 7th, 2022

Written by Karen Reynolds
Clarksville City Council – Ward 9

City of Clarksville - Ward 9Clarksville, TN – Our regular meeting scheduled for February 3rd, 2022 did not occur due to the weather.

The mayor does not have the authority to cancel and city council meeting, he asked us not to attend the scheduled meeting and he would reschedule due to a lack of quorum. I appreciate his leadership and putting our safety first.

I missed sending this earlier as I was waiting on information and I got behind. Several zoning ordinances were proposed in December and we did not vote on them due to our meeting getting postponed due to the weather, they are still pending.
Please continue to communicate comments and concerns, they make a difference at all levels and we do pay attention.
When advocating at the local level, contact all of the city council members.

City of Clarksville Downtown Parking

I attended the meeting on February 2nd.

My takeaway from the meeting:

  1. The city will NOT privatize parking.
  2. There are plans to build a parking garage in the lot behind the Roxy Regional Theater which will have 300-600 spaces.
  3. The city has implemented the Parkmobile APP and will do away with most of the meters downtown.
  4. The city is paying a portion of the revenue to Parkmobile to use the APP.
  5. The Parking Manager plans to do away with the first hour of free parking.
  6. Parking rates will rise for monthly parking.

I have heard from residents and plan to send a note expressing their concerns:

  1. Reinstate the first hour of free parking or the 0.25 for 1.25 hours or a compromise.
  2. Consider allowing free parking from 7:00am-9:00am for TAGGED commercial and merchant loading and unloading.
  3. There are concerns about removing all the parking meters, I will ask if there is an option to leave a street or two with meters.

Please share your thoughts and comments with the email list below and include: michael.palmore@cityofclarksville.com

Comprehensive Plan – Regional Planning Committee

The RPC, City, County, and Regional stakeholders, are in the process of a once-in-a-decade study of our land use and future. The plan is key to gathering input from the public, city and county departments, and other non-profits and businesses who live and work here in Clarksville and greater Montgomery County.

To learn more about the Comprehensive Plan: www.cmcrpc.com/compplan/

Your input is vital, please complete the survey posted on the RPC website:


Ross Farms – SR 03-2022

We have all seen the growth in Clarksville but all building and growth is not good. It is going to take a concerted effort in our community to ensure smart growth that is inclusive

The City Council and Planning Commission have received citizen concerns about the proposed Ross Farms, proposing 903 unit development for Ross Farms, and the insufficient infrastructure to support this proposed subdivision. This will not be voted on at the City Council, the planning commission is responsible for approving the plans.

Please review the information below and share your concerns with the city council and RPC. I am sharing an outline of the issues I received from a resident, it is well written.

  1. Traffic congestion – Road improvements are currently happening on Rossview Road. However, before those improvements are completed there is no way to determine if they are sufficient for current traffic. To compound that issue, a truck stop on Rossview Road, an apartment complex behind the truck stop, and 2 residential developments in the S curve on Powell Road will add a large amount of future traffic.
  2. Outlet concerns – “When a development exceeds 250 lots, there shall be two outlets…and thereafter an additional outlet for each additional 250 lots.” The plans for Ross Farms only show 1 true outlet to Dunbar Cave Road. Another proposed outlet connects with Rossview Place, which has roughly 160 lots already. A third outlet would connect to an already saturated Powell road that is used by roughly 110 homeowners in River Bend Landing, 175 owners in Locust Run, and another 35 homeowners on Powell Road itself. There simply isn’t enough access to major roadways for another 1800+ vehicles (assuming 2 per household).
  3. Powell Road – Powell Road itself is narrow and winding. Currently, it is used by roughly 520 homeowners (160 owners in Rossview Place, 110 in River Bend, 175 in Locust Run, and another 75 other homes). Increasing its usage to over 1400 is a disaster waiting to happen.

Planning Commission – Zoning Ordinance: First Reading

Recommend Approval Unless annotated

AG Agricultural District
C-2 General Commercial District
C-5: Highway & Arterial Commercial District
M-3 Planned Industrial District
O-1 Office District
R-1 Single Family Residential District
R-2 Single Family Residential District
R-3 Three Family Residential District
R-4 Multiple Family Residential District
R-6 Single Family Residential District


These items are listed are from our December Agenda:

ORD 71 -2021-22 located at the intersection of Ft. Campbell Blvd. and Millsworth Dr. from C-5 /R-2 to R-4
Acreage: 18.32 CC Ward: 5 Lots/Unit: 218 Population: 588
Statement of Use: To develop a Multi-family project
In October 2021, we voted against rezoning this area, but the builder requested reconsideration indicating they would correct the drainage issues, provide a second entrance into the property, and a sidewalk to the school. Councilperson Marquis sponsored the reconsideration and indicated that she had spoken to the residents, and they did not oppose the changes. They were informed that the property was commercial and could be developed for that purpose. There is a large sink hole and drainage issues on this property.

ORD 72-2021-22 located at the intersection of Via Dr. and Garden Ter. from R-2 to R-6
Acreage: 2.14 CC Ward: 7 Lots/Unit: 6-8 Population: 24
Statement of Use: To develop a Multi-family project
DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: Grassland area with a known sinkhole along the western boundary. Grading permit required due to known drainage issue. A preliminary grading plan has been provided to indicate how drainage issues will be improved to accommodate development. There is a flood risk with this property.

ORD 73-2021-22 located at the intersection of Professional Park Dr. and Stowe Ct. from O-1 to R-4
Acreage: 4.41 CC Ward: 12 Lots/Unit: 52 Population: 140
APPLICANT’S STATEMENT FOR PROPOSED USE The land use change would allow for multi-family development which is consistent with the adjoining property to the west. The multi-family use would also provide a buffer between the office use to the north and the single family residential property to the south.

ORD 74 -2021-22 located at the intersection of Liberty Pwky. and Delmar Dr. from R-2 to C-2.
Acreage: 0.96 CC Ward: 9 Lots/Unit: 11 Population: 29
APPLICANT’S STATEMENT FOR PROPOSED USE To mirror neighboring properties for future commercial development. The developer did not provide their intentions for the property.

ORD 75-2021-22 located at the northern terminus of Sycamore Dr. from R-2 to R-2D
Acreage: 3.05 CC Ward: 7 Lots/Unit: 2 Population: 5
APPLICANT’S STATEMENT FOR PROPOSED USE To build a duplex at the end of Sycamore Dr. The property is very steep.

ORD 76-2021-22 located at the intersection of Cedar Ct. and Herning Dr. from R-3 to R-4
Acreage: 0.78 CC Ward: 6 Lots/Unit: 9 Population: 24
APPLICANT’S STATEMENT FOR PROPOSED USE To extend the current zoning to provide a multi-fanily infill development

ORD 77-2021-22-located at the intersection of Needmore Rd. and Union Hall Rd. from R-1 to R-4
Acreage: 4.91 CC Ward: 11 Lots/Unit: 58 Population: 156
APPLICANT’S STATEMENT FOR PROPOSED USE R-4 is an extension of an adjacent zoning and would provide the community with affordable multi-family housing

ORD 78-2021-22 Amending the official code of the City of Clarksville reapportioning the City of Clarksville for the purpose of electing persons for the office of city council member [annexed territory along State Route 12 and East Old Ashland City Road]

RESOLUTION 39-2021-22 Adopting a plan of services progress report for annexed territory north and west of Shaw Drive

RESOLUTION 39-2021-22 Adopting a plan of services progress report for annexed territory north and west of Shaw Drive

RESOLUTION 40-2021-22 Adopting a final plan of services progress report for annexed territory north of Britton Springs Road and east of Kay Road

RESOLUTION 41-2021-22 Approving the abandonment of an unimproved right-of-way, located north of Woodmont Blvd. and Old Woodmont

Consent Agenda

ORD 69-2021-22 (Authorizing the donation of Swan Lake tennis court lighting to the Clarksville Academy

ORD 70-2021-22 An ORD accepting the donation of certain real property from Jeffery D. Burkhart and William L. Belew, Jr. and Michelle Belew to the City of Clarksville for right of way and easement purposes for the Allen Road Intersection Improvement Project

New Business

RES 42-2021-22 Authorizing the issuance of not to exceed $56,500,000 in aggregate principal amount of general obligation refunding and improvement bonds of the City Of Clarksville, Tennessee; Making provision for the issuance, sale and payment of said bonds; establishing the terms thereof and the disposition of proceeds therefrom; and providing for the levy of taxes for the payment of debt service on the bond The next ordinace is part of the total proposed bonds. Click on the lin to see the full list.

ORD 80-2021-22 (FIRST READING) Amending the operating and capital udgets for Fiscal Year 2022 for governmental funds (ORDINANCE 130-2021-22) to reate and add additional funding for capital projects for a total of $27,512,500

Projects Anticipated Funding with 2022 Debt

An Ordinance Amending Title 5 Of The Official City Code To Delete Sub-Paragraphs (f) and (j) Under Section 5-311.

WHEREAS, for the purpose of making short-term rental requirements less onerous and less burdensome upon the residents of the City of Clarksville, the City Council finds it to be in the best interest of the City to delete certain provisions of the Short-Term Rental ordinance.

Now, Therefore, Be It Ordained By The Council Of The City of Clarksville:

(1) The Clarksville City Code, Title 5 (Business, Professions, and Occupations) Section 5-311 is hereby amended by deleting the language contained in sub-paragraph (f) and substituting in its place the word “Reserved”.
Currently Reads:
(f) Use of short-term rental unit. No transient guest may use a short-term rental unit for on-site business or commercial purposes during any rental period.
(2) The Clarksville City Code, Title 5 (Business, Professions, and Occupations) Section 5-311 is further amended by deleting the language contained in sub-paragraph (j) and substituting in its place the word “Reserved”.
(j)Food service. No food shall be prepared for, or served to, the transient guest(s) by the owner for any consideration.


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