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Marsha Blackburn Report: Protecting Our Kids, Grand Kids Online

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – Protecting kids and teens from Big Tech is critically important. That’s why I joined Senator Blumenthal to introduce the Kids Online Safety Act.

This bipartisan bill is the culmination of years of work and will provide a tool kit to help parents understand and guide what happens online. Read more about my other efforts to protect kids online here.

Countering Communist China

American investors have the right to know whether or not their hard-earned money is propping up companies that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls. That’s why I helped lead the No Chinese Communist SURPRISE Parties Act to end back-door funding for the CCP.

Demanding Answers On Government-Funded Paraphernalia

With an unprecedented amount of drugs coming across the border, the Joe Biden administration should be doing everything in their power to stop illegal drug use. Instead, the Biden administration was apparently planning on using $30 million for government-funded drug paraphernalia.

I demanded the Joe Biden administration commit in writing that they will not spend a cent on sending crack pipes to drug addicts. After slow-walking their response, a top Biden official publicly pledged not to allow government-funded crack pipes.

Prioritizing National Readiness Instead Of Woke Propaganda

Amid global national security threats, our military should remain focused on readiness. Instead, President Joe Biden’s Department of Defense spent millions of man hours on diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings and critical race theory curriculum.

I joined my collages to support the heroic work of our military and call out the Biden administration’s absurd woke priorities. 

News You Can Use

Senator Hagerty and I were honored to speak with a few members of the 101st Airborne Division after they received orders to deploy to Eastern Europe and assist in Joint Task Force Dragon. 

When I applauded NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom for his courage to stand up to Communist China, I didn’t think he’d be standing this tall! Thank you for speaking up and holding the CCP accountable during your visit to Capitol Hill this week! 
Shelby County Commissioner Brandon Morrison stopped by for a great conversation about local infrastructure and workforce training in Tennessee!
Senator Hagerty and I are thrilled to welcome Tennesseans back to our nation’s capital for Tennessee Tuesdays! Sign up to join us here.

Marsha’s Roundup

Biden should have been tough on Russia from the beginning. His weakness has convinced Putin he can call all the shots for the U.S. and our partners around the world.

The Department of Homeland Security is wrong to equate dissent with violent terrorism. It sets a dangerous precedent. I have called on them to immediately revise their recent threat assessment bulletin.

Evidence is out that Hillary Clinton and her campaign allegedly paid tech companies to manufacture a false narrative that Donald Trump was linked with Russia. All facts point to Biden’s current National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan being intricately involved in the plot to falsely frame President Trump. Sullivan must immediately resign or be fired for his role in the Russia hoax.

The American people are not buying what Joe Biden and his administration are selling.

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