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Media Consolidation and the Corporate Media

TV warningTonight’s theme is media consolidation and the corporate media. I have rounded up a collection of videos from Youtube and Google Video which highlight some of the issues raised by the massive over consolidation of the media, giving a just few companies,  full control over what you see, hear, and read. You only have to look at the recent attempt to rewrite history attempted by the Disney Corporation in cahoots with ABC to see why this should concern all of us.

Lets start it off with, Network: “A movie made 30 years ago that perfectly describes the situation today about television, news, and the mainstream media. It resonates louder and sounds truer today that it did when the movie was made.” (warning contains some adult language)

Here’s a pro-net neutrality PSA that paints a grim future of the internet—if telecom and cable companies get their way.

Big Media Hall of Shame, Which Corporate Media Mogul do you think has done the most, to pervert the free press in America?

Senator Barbara Boxer revealed in a committee meeting on September 14, 2006, that the FCC ordered “its staff to destroy all copies of a draft study that suggested greater concentration of media ownership would hurt local TV news coverage, a former lawyer at the agency says.” (Audio and Video is not properly sync’d)

Video clip of Al Gore, from the Altertnative MacTaggart Lecture given at this year’s MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival (MGEITF)

Here is a clip from the film “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism”. Media analyst for FAIR Peter Hart discusses the effect of media consolidation on journalism.

Another clip from the film “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism”. Executive Director Digital Democracy Jeff Chester discusess big media conglomerates and how they dominate debate. … (more)

Dave von Kleist (maker of 9/11 In Plane Site) explains why you can’t trust the mainstream media to tell you what you need to know, and he urges Americans to do whatever they can to take the media back and expose the truth about 9/11 and related issues. Personally, I think a better route than “taking back” the media is just simply to replace it. Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, etc., we have the tools now to make the mainstream corporate media obsolete. Let’s do it.

This is raw interview footage, some of which appears in the documentary “One Nation Under Siege”

Start off with a bang, eh? The problem of Corporate Rule.

Globalization and the Media
Undercurrents explore how the media is involved in shaping public opinion during the ‘War on Terrorism’ and Globalization.

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Bill Larson
Bill Larson
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