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Veterans Upward Bound: Opening doorway for Veterans!

Local veterans technical college and college prep program aids veterans returning to higher education pursuits. The APSU site awaits area veterans with services and assistance to enhance life advancement, age being no barrier.

The Veterans Upward Bound program at APSU is looking for veterans. A flood of veterans, actually. Veterans who do not have a baccalaureate degree (BA/BS) are eligible for their services. The veterans college/technical school prep outreach seeks to assist veterans return to higher education studies. Dr. Arthur Neal heads up the operation, which is located on 219 Castle Heights Drive along the rear boundary of the APSU Intramural Sports Field.

The program provides academic, counseling and cultural events services for veterans. Assessment testing, remedial skills building techniques, computer-aided instruction and testing and personal counseling are all part of the outreach program’s structure to help veterans in their return to higher education and college studies. If the veteran did not graduate high school, assistance in obtaining a GED is also available for those needing it. Once the GED requirement is met, the technical school or college admission and education pursuit process can begin. Guidance and counseling continue as the veteran pursues his/her studies. The objective is to aid the veteran to a successful graduation.

Veterans in Montgomery, Stewart, Dickson, Chetham, Robertson, Metro-Nashville/Davison, Houston and Humphreys counties in Tennessee, and Christian and Todd counties in Kentucky, are included in Veterans Upward Bound’s service area. For more info, visit them at 219 Castle Heights, Clarksville, TN 37044; or call- Phone: (931) 221-7600, Fax: (931) 221-7598. Contact them today! Get YOUR future on.


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