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Obama: The right man for America’s future

On this day before the historic Presidential Election 2008, Clarksville Online is endorsing the Barack Obama and Joe Biden ticket.

Obama, with a background of service to community and country, has proven to be an inspiration to millions of people across all demographics. He has conducted himself with ability, honor, and dignity, but most of all has offered clearly workable plans to rebuild America’s economy and military. He has shown qualities of leadership that can mend global fences and re-instill America’s honor around the world.

His plans and programs are rooted in realistic assessments and objectives, and he has presented them with cautionary words that “restoring America” will take time, money, and will not happen overnight.

Obama has inspired millions of young people to register and vote, energizing the political playing field across America in a way that has not been seen since the Kennedy era and the time of Martin Luther King Jr. And like the late Martin Luther King, Obama has a dream for America.

Obama is reaching across traditional party lines and into the best of business and industry to accrue the best possible resources for the presidency, and has demonstrated the ability and willingness to work with those “bests” regardless of party affiliation.

Unfortunately, John McCain, despite his stellar service to country and his political experience, despite his self-prescribed “maverick” label, has proven to be too closely aligned to the “status quo” and Bush policies, a more compelling reason to oppose him than age and health issues.

His choice of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin remains questionable at best: Palin’s “pitt bull” lowest common denominator attitude, “joe-sixpack” mentality and fundamentalist views are offensive to millions of voters and to women in particular, and her ability to conduct coherent political discussions and interviews is at best appalling for any candidate seeking one of the most powerful positions in America. Her apparent willingness to take on anybody at any time for any reason is frightening at best, since she completely bypasses diplomacy and negotiation and has implied she would go straight to war. Given McCain’s age, health and the potential stress impact of the presidency, the possibility of a Palin presidency does exist, and that is too frightening to contemplate.

The 2008 presidential election is being watched worldwide; this Guardian statement sums up the world view:

Not since the Kennedy era has such a contest resonated so potently with so many people in America and beyond, including in this country. But the circumstances of this year’s contest, the character of the protagonists and the immediacy of the internet age combine to mean that the 2008 election is likely to make a defining statement about America for this global generation that may eclipse even the impact of the contest of 1960. ~~ The Guardian UK

Here are some of the Obama endorsements from across America

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch called Obama’s opponent, John McCain, “the incredible shrinking man” who had made a horrific pick for his running mate.

Mr. Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, has emerged as the only truly transformative candidate in the race. In the crucible that is a presidential campaign, his intellect, his temperament and equanimity under pressure consistently have been impressive. He has surrounded himself with smart, capable advisers who have helped him refine thorough, nuanced policy positions … In a word, Mr. Obama has been presidential … .Meanwhile, Mr. McCain, the senior senator from Arizona, became the incredible shrinking man. He shrank from his principled stands in favor of a humane immigration policy. He shrank from his universal condemnation of torture and his condemnation of the politics of smear.

The Tennessean

Though Tennessee projected vote remains red, The Tennessean has endorsed Obama.

Obama, in the newspaper’s view, would bring a refreshing vitality to the White House. He has articulated an approach that would give the nation its best chance for change after the poor policies of the Bush administration for the last eight years. America needs new leadership, and Obama, the Democratic nominee, stands out as the best choice to be that leader … Obama represents a rare quality of hope in a time when hope seems to be in short supply among many Americans.

Dayton Daily News

Sen. McCain’s campaign has been as disappointing as his move toward party orthodoxy. More than his opponent, he has run a relentless stream of commercials that have been discredited by nonpartisan fact-checkers … His selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate was stunning. She is shockingly lacking in presidential qualifications.

Sacramento Bee

In this election, Americans are picking a future, not a past. That makes Barack Obama the better choice for president of the United States … By electing Obama, voters will make a clear break from the policies of the past eight years.

Wisconsin State Journal

America is at a pivotal point in its history — a difficult time that demands talented leadership to renew our nation’s spirit and pull us together to meet the incredible challenges ahead. The right leader for the time is Barack Obama … Far more than his opponent, Obama represents a new direction. He has shown he can inspire and lead people to action. And his relatively short time in corrupt, self-absorbed, terribly-failed Washington, D.C., may actually be a key strength. Obama is not stuck in the status quo of the Capitol crowd or its long-failed Congress. .. Obama doesn’t just give pretty speeches. He speaks to people’s best instincts, encouraging them to shine.

The Blade (Toledo)

As the nation wavers precariously at the precipice of economic ruin, American voters must decide who has the knowledge, steadiness, judgment, and inspirational qualities to lead us effectively out of that morass, for the next four years and beyond … without exaggeration, the country faces a transformational election on Nov. 4, not unlike that of 1932, which prefaced Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal and a long slog out of the Great Depresssion … We believe the person best equipped by temperament and intellect to firmly grasp the reins of government and guide it safely forward in these uncertain times is Barack Obama … Like another member of Congress from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln, Senator Obama initially rose to prominence on the strength of soaring oratory. Over the past 18 months of the grueling campaign, his background has been thoroughly inspected and dissected by the press and a political opposition dedicated to keeping him from the White House.

Colin Powell

In what is the most eloquent endorsement of Obama whom he says has “met the standard of being president”, Colin Powell gives the reasons behind his endorsement:

In this momumental election the time has come to indeed choose hope over fear. We suggest that means casting your vote for Barack Obama.



  1. I totally and completely disagree. Let’s look at a few things. I have several reasons why I dont believe Barrack Obama is the guy for our country.

    1. Obama is one of the least qualified people to ever run for the office of the President of the United States. He has a 144 days or so on the Senate floor. I can think of no major leadership position in any field in the United States that you can run after a 144 days of experience. I mean can a man run a McDonalds after only working there for 144 days? Can a soldier in the United States Military become a Platoon Sergeant or Platoon Leader after 144 days of work? What about an electrician? Could you become a certified electrician after 144 days of work? Also in his 144 days of service as a Senator I and his supporters can think of no significant bill he introduced in the Senate. Never have I personally seen someone so unqualified to lead in an actual position to lead our country!
    2. Obama whether innocent or not has not been transparent about his relationships with the Racist Jeremiah Wright, the terrorist Bill Ayers, or the PLO spokesman Rashid Khalid. He was in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years and with someone so consumed with hate couldn’t of limited his opinions to the 3 or 4 sound bites shown on TV. He originally said he didn’t really know about Bill Ayers and then later came back and said that he thought he had been rehabilitated. A simple question for us being in a military community. Could the prospective President of the United States of America pass a simple secret clearance investigation to serve in certain positions in the military? Could he get a top secret clearance? With his associations there is no way he could qualify to lead in the United States Military. Some of you might think but the Presidency isn’t the military. You are absolutely correct! So do you think with his associations that he could qualify to be in the FBI where a clearance was necessary? What about the Senate Foreign Relations Committee or the Senate National Defense Committee? I think not!!! If this man is not qualified to get a security clearance because of his relationships how will he lead our nation with its secret and top secret information at his disposal?
    3. Obama is against the right to bear arms. He voted for an amendment to give the government the right to confiscate our weapons in times of national crisis. In every single case where the right to bear arms was in question Barrack Obama voted against the constitution.
    4. Obama is the most liberal pro-choice candidate. He voted yes for partial birth abortion in Illinois. Whether or not you believe that a woman should have the choice to end the life in her womb partial birth abortion goes beyond that. In case you didn’t know what partial BIRTH abortion is let me explain it to you. As the baby is being born they abort it. This is beyond the 3rd trimester! This is minutes before the baby is breathing air and crying they are killing the baby!
    5. Obama on several occasions said that he was going to eliminate 10’s of billions of dollars in military spending. In a world that is frighteningly out of control we need a strong military! I love the men and women serving in the military and his cuts will directly crush the economy of Clarksville, TN.
    6. Obama, Biden, and Bill Richardson have changed their story of where the middle class tax cut will start. Initially it was 250,000 a year, then it was 150,000 from Joe Biden last week and this week Bill Richardson said 120,000 dollars a year. As a small business owner I am very concerned by two points that Obama has made. First, that he is not out to punish the rich, but that he wants to take my hard earned wealth and “Spread it around”. My problem with this is I am already taxed about 34% of my income. If he gets in office that will increase to at least 30% if not higher. I already give liberally to charity and situations in our city that need attention. If he raises my taxes it will cut into my ability to bless those who are less fortunate. If you look at it the government stepped in with Social Security and promised it wouldn’t touch our money. As you all know we will know never see that money. What will they do with the money that is supposedly used to “spread the wealth around?” Additionally he will let the Bush tax cuts expire which will increase the taxes on all families. This isn’t the correct approach to our national debt. I think I should buy Barrack Obama the book “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey.

    One last comment. I explained to my church this weekend. We should not be voting for Barrack Obama or John McCain. We should be voting for the candidate that most resembles the character of Jesus Christ! In the end my concern isn’t whether a Republican or a Democrat gets in office. My concern is who is going to best represent Jesus Christ and the advancement of his Kingdom?


  2. Tomorrow a new sun will rise on this land. A new breeze will blow from the amber waves of grain to the purple mountains majesties. A new America will stand up and say “Yes We Can!”

    But right now I have to ask my self something, why am I crying? I am not the Rev. Jesse Jackson who has been fighting for civil rights for 30+ years. A man who saw the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s last breath. I am not an American of African decent whose great-great grandfather was a slave. I am a 27 year old white male, (whose family was to poor to own slaves, I’ve done the research) Yet when I heard Sen. Barrack Obama was declared President Elect why did my eyes fill with tears? Why? I know why. The answer is the 3 year old snuggled up with his teddy bear in his bed who shares my name. He doesnt know or care who Barrack Obama is.I know my son is going to grow up in a country far different than the one I grew up in, a far better country and I think Barrack Obama is going to play a key part in making it that way. I have said from the begining regardless of party we need an intelligent person in the White House. If a man is going to ask me to leave my son and possibly lay down my life for this country I want to know he is intelligent enough to have tried, or thought of every other solution, because violence is the last resort. (and I do actknowledge that in a very limited number of cituations it is the only responce) I fell like President Obama has that level of intelligence. One other thing I beleive about Barrack Obama, he is not the first African American President. He is the first American President who happens to be of African decent. You see above all else he, like me, and like you is an American.

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