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AT&T releases Outage Update, December 28th

AT&T INCNashville, TN – The majority of services have been restored in Nashville following Friday’s explosion. Our mobility network is now operating normally, nearly all home internet and video customers have been restored and our business customers are back online.  

As a reminder, we are waiving data overage charges for customers in 1166 zip codes across states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, and Missouri from December 27th to December 31st.

Nashville Recovery Efforts. (AT&T)

As of late Sunday evening, adequate power is available on most floors of the building.  We continue to manage power needs to prevent overloading the generators supporting our equipment. Our teams have been closely monitoring temperatures in the building as well to keep equipment running

Plans are being developed today to begin restoring commercial power on some floors.

Recovery work will continue today as we address the few remaining services and customers that still may be impacted by this event.  Twenty-three of our disaster recovery technology and support trailers arrived in Nashville yesterday.  This equipment will be critical as we maintain service and make repairs in the days ahead.

We still have 11 portable cell sites running in the region to support customers and first responders.  We have begun to turn down portable sites that are no longer needed given the recovery of service, but we will have resources standing by in the region as needed.

We’ll continue to provide additional updates here as our recovery progresses.


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