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“Sara tongued-tied” explains Bush Doctrine

When Sarah Palin told a group of graduating Missionaries that government leaders were sending troops to Iraq as part of “God’s Plan,” she really didn’t mean that government leaders were sending troops to Iraq as part of “God’s Plan.”

What she really meant was that God “has a plan” and that this “Plan” includes rightness, goodness, and “certain inalienable rights” including “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

I wonder if the missionaries took it that way?

I also wondered, immediately, how Palin could possibly expect anyone with three live brain cells to believe that “God has a Plan and it includes a war in Iraq” … means anything other than, “God has a Plan and it includes a war in Iraq.”

Palin repeated the “inalienable rights” comment at least three times during phase one of her interview with noted softball pitcher, Charlie Gibson. Interestingly enough, Johnny McSame used the exact language on several occasions during the course of his “prepared remarks” to what at least the freshmen in the audience at Columbia University thought were cold questions, during the course of his portion of a Forum on Public Service, where McScripted appeared in advance of Barack Obama.

Viewing the Palin love fest with Gibson, where virtually every answer to each puff question included the tossing of hair, the wringing of hands, and the recitation of the name “Charlie” no less than six times … and the McOscar performance of Johnny War Hero at the Columbia Forum … it is abundantly clear that neither Candidate will answer any question, on any topic, which has not been fully and completely drill, drill, drilled into them by their collective gaggle of professional handlers.

With the ten pound tomato questions that Gibson lobbed at Palin, we still don’t know anything other than that she doesn’t blink, she is sure she is ready to be President, and she is more than willing to go to war with Russia to defend Georgia.

Sarah Palin hadn’t even gotten out of the chair of her first campaign “interview” before the crack staff of the Johnny McOops Campaign had surrounded Charlie Gibson and was eyeing him up as though he was the Dingo who had just eaten their baby.

Gibson had asked Palin a question about whether she was in agreement with the so-called Bush Doctrine involving the use of pre-emptive strikes against nations who make us really nervous.

Actually “Charlie” didn’t take the time to explain the Bush Doctrine in the body of his question. He correctly assumed that the Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee should have at least some idea of the specific foreign policy directives which she might have to interpret, or God forbid employ one day, in the event that Johnny McAlzheimers starts pissing himself and forgets where he lives.

Unfortunately, Gibson had given Governor experience a little too much credit for doing her homework.

Palin was thoroughly confused and gave an answer which bore little if any resemblance to the original question. Being a tough interviewer (cough), Gibson made an effort to re-phrase the question in such a way as to permit Palin to properly redeem herself. Either that, or he just wanted to hear Sarah call out his name another six times.

Either way … Palin still had no idea what Gibson was talking about, and gave an equally irrelevant and borderline nonsensical response.

Not even the third time being a charm in this instance, Gibson finally gave up on getting an intelligent response to his question. He moved on … and the bodyguards of all things policy, moved in for the post-interview kill.

Apparently, Palin was “confused” because Gibson had phrased his question in the form of a “hypothetical”. Either that … or the Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee was simply clueless on Foreign Policy? Hypothetically speaking…of course.

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