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Signs of voter apathy seen in August election

With the turnout at the August 2010 election just a measly 19.04% of registered voters, voters have sent a message. It seems that they do not feel that their vote, their voice really makes a difference.  This is a trend that we as a nation need to work on changing.

The roots of the current apathy towards voting can likely be traced to the current economic uncertainty; along with concerns about job security, such as seen in the recent announcement that 700 people in Clarksville will be losing their jobs at the Quad/Graphics printing plant in North Clarksville.

Sheriff Norman Lewis being congratulated by his supporters at the Riverview in Thursday evening
Sheriff Norman Lewis being congratulated by his supporters at the Riverview in Thursday evening

Several of the incumbents running were voted out of office including:

  • County Commission District 4: Benny Skinner
  • County Commission District 7: Ruth Ann Milliken
  • County Commission District 14: Dwain J. Etterling
  • General Sessions & Juvenile Court Judge for Division 1: Elizabeth Dozier “Sissy” Rankin
  • School Board District 7: James T. “Jim” Mann

Photo Gallery

Photos of the August 2010 election taken by Bill Larson and Mark Haynes

Election Results (Write in Candidates not included)


Governor Bill Haslam 48.78%
(Republican) Joe Kirkpatrick 1.57%

Basil Marceaux, Sr. 0.65%

Ron Ramsey 22.64%

Zach Wamp 26.27%

Governor Mike McWherter 99.26%

7th District, U.S. House Marsha Blackburn 99.35%

7th District, U.S. House Greg Rabidoux 99.29%

8th District, U.S. House Stephen Lee Fincher 20.01%
(Republican) George Flinn 41.93%

Ron Kirkland 31.06%

Randy Smith 4.23%

Ben Watts 2.71%

8th District, U.S. House Roy Herron 42.80%
(Democrat) Kimberlee E. Smith 57.00%

67th District, TN House Neil Revlett 99.23%

67th District, TN House Joe Pitts 99.77%

68th District, TN House Curtis Johnson 99.50%

68th District, TN House Brett Ramsey 99.61%

78th District, TN House Philip Johnson 99.65%

78th District, TN House Danny R. Twork 99.48%

State Committeeman District 22 R. Wayne Oldham 1

State Committeeman District 22 Keith Jackson 1

State Committeewoman District 22 Patricia “Pat” Allen 99.75%

State Committeewoman District 22 Kim Smith 99.87%

Montgomery County Carolyn Bowers 66.98%
Mayor Curtis T. Mize 32.87%

Montgomery County Norman E. Lewis 61.68%
Sheriff Tyler Barrett 38.24%

Montgomery County Kellie A. Jackson 99.83%

Montgomery County Brenda Radford 99.82%

Montgomery County Connie W. Bell 99.86%
Register of Deeds

Montgomery County John M. Gannon 99.88%
Commission District 1

Montgomery County Keith Politi 99.43%
Commission District 2

Montgomery County Ed Baggett 64.75%
Commission District 3 Scott Comperry 28.85%

William B. Linscott 6.29%

Montgomery County Lindsey Fain 4.71%
Commission District 4 Arnold Hodges 34.52%

Mark A. Riggins 41.73%

Benny F. Skinner 19.04%

Montgomery County Robert W. Gibbs Jr. 57.36%
Commission District 5 David Starley 42.50%

Montgomery County Dalton Harrison 99.05%
Commission District 6

Montgomery County Kenneth D. Day 19.24%
Commission District 7 John Fuson 56.20%

Ruth Ann Milliken 24.32%

Montgomery County Ronald Sokol 98.44%
Commission District 8

Montgomery County John M. Gennis 100.00%
Commission District 9

Montgomery County Martha J. Brockman 54.33%
Commission District 10 Keith A. Svadba 45.67%

Montgomery County Joe L. Creek 72.75%
Commission District 11 Donald Lucas 27.25%

Montgomery County Al Colvin 46.01%
Commission District 12 Nick Robards 53.72%

Montgomery County Lettie M. Kendall 99.67%
Commission District 13

Montgomery County Dwain J. Etterling 18.84%
Commission District 14 Tommy J. Vallejos 49.01%
Mark J. Wojnarek 32.14%

Montgomery County Loretta J. Bryant 99.74%
Commission District 15

Montgomery County Robert G. Nichols 99.77%
Commission District 16

Montgomery County Jeremy Bowles 99.51%
Commission District 17

Montgomery County Glen Demorest 99.73%
Commission District 18

Montgomery County Charles D. Keene 99.76%
Commission District 19

Montgomery County Thomas “Tommy” Allen 35.61%
Commission District 20 Mark H. Banasiak 64.24%

Montgomery County Jerry W. Allbert 99.84%
Commission District 21

Circuit Court Clerk Cheryl J. Castle 72.46%
Peggy Macias 27.49%

General Sessions & Merriel Bullock-Neal 15.48%
Juvenile Court Judge Ken Goble, Jr. 49.97%
Division 1 Elizabeth Dozier “Sissy Rankin 34.49%

TN Superior Court Judge Lee Retain 71.36%
Replace 28.64%

Court of Appeals Judge East Retain 72.02%
Replace 27.98%

School Board George Giles 99.71%
District 1

School Board Horace Murphy, Jr. 99.39%
District 3

School Board Jimmie M. Garland, Sr. 99.47%
District 5

School Board Josh Baggett 34.32%
District 7 Carol Duffin 30.10%
James T. “Jim” Mann 28.51%
Ben Moore 6.97%


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