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Marsha Blackburn Report: Tired Of Joe Biden’s Spending Spree? You’re not alone

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – While Americans did their best to focus on freedom this past weekend, there was no escaping the fallout from the Joe Biden administration’s many failures. Biden’s radical, inflationary spending has sent prices skyrocketing to a 40-year high.

Grocery bills broke records this year, and travelers are paying 45% more for airfare than they did in 2019. Despite Biden’s best efforts, no amount of spending or woke policies will destroy We the People’s resolve.

I am confident that my efforts in Washington and Tennesseans’ work in their own communities will overcome the crises caused by radicals in Washington.

Weekly Breakdown

Our service members are the bedrock of America. Firing 40,000 Guardsmen for refusing the COVID vaccine would be both a complete disgrace and a threat to our national security. I am honored to stand beside our National Guardsmen and women by introducing legislation to protect them from President Joe Biden’s forever pandemic.
The recent global chip shortage put American medical equipment, computer, and car supply chains on hold. The passage of the Securing Semiconductor Supply Chain Act in the Senate put us one step closer to making existing resources available to producers of semiconductor equipment which will help improve supply chains for consumers.
This week, I met with Tennesseans who are helping their communities thrive. In Lincoln County, Giles County, Lawrence, County Wayne County, Hardin County, McNairy County, Chester County, and Madison County, I spoke with first responders, law enforcement, business owners, mayors, and other community leaders about how they plan to succeed in spite of Joe Biden’s radical policies.

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