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Marsha Blackburn Report: Keeping Critical Race Theory Out Of The Classroom

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – Critical Race Theory has no place in the classroom. Parents and teachers alike are increasingly alarmed by the push to indoctrinate our children with an ideology that causes more division and emotional harm.

This week, I launched a new resource page for parents and educators, warning of the threat Critical Race Theory poses to American families and suggesting steps we can take to keep it out of the classroom. We must stand together against this latest radical attempt to rewrite American history.

Senator Marsha Blackburn.
Senator Marsha Blackburn.

Preserving Funding Opportunities For Tennessee Cities

In March, I led the charge with my colleagues to keep Washington bureaucrats from stripping federal funding opportunities from Tennessee cities including Cleveland, Jackson, and Morristown. My letter urged the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to hold their redefinition of the word “city,” which would have forced more cities to compete for a smaller pot of funds.

The Office of Management and Budget’s subsequent decision to keep those opportunities in place is a tremendous win for the Volunteer State.

Celebrating Business Development In Tennessee

This week, CNBC announced Tennessee ranked fifth in America’s Top States for Business annual report. The Volunteer State’s well-deserved rank is the result of decades of work to foster business development, including my fight against the Tennessee state income tax.

Thank you to the lawmakers, business owners, and families who continue to make Tennessee a great haven for growth.

Securing Our Border

Until our border is secure, every town is a border town, and every state is a border state. Along with my colleagues in the Senate, I championed the effort to maintain President Trump’s public health order that required U.S. border officials to promptly remove illegal aliens to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

This is the last, best defense U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have against the historic border crisis. Biden has made it clear that he will do anything to appease radical lawmakers, including putting the health and safety of Americans in jeopardy. 


Pushing Back On Out Of Control Spending

Our nation is nearly $30 trillion in debt, and it’s critical we get our fiscal house in order. We’re ready to invest in infrastructure responsibly, but the Washington radicals reaching deep into the American people’s pockets are not. We will not fund their radical wishlist. Read my full statement against the spending bill here.

Marsha’s Roundup

The Joe Biden administration’s pro-censorship agenda is yet another direct attempt to silence the American people.



AOC and the “Squad” should book flights to Cuba to see the reality of the socialist future they so desperately want for America.

This is not about vaccines, this is about freedom. The White House needs to decide if they’ll stand with the Cuban people, or with their communist oppressors.



If the President chooses not to condemn 62 years of authoritarian violence, we have a serious problem.

Parents have rightly raised the alarm: Critical Race Theory is wrong for America.

Joe Biden doesn’t have a plan. His disorganized withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan willingly gives power to the world’s new axis of evil—Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.



Voting laws should make it easier to vote and harder to cheat, but HR1 would destroy trust in the ballot box.

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