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Institute For Justice calls for dismissal of developers’ frivolous lawsuit


“What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.” ~~Abraham Lincoln

On the steps of our historic County Courthouse, a group of grassroots advocate citizens gave voice to an exercise that the founding fathers would have cherished. Members of the Clarksville Property Rights Coalition (CPRC), stood on the courthouse steps to declare their intent to protect their First Amendment Right of Free Speech in their criticism of government.

Bert Gall, a senior attorney with the Institute for Justice, stood with the group to announce that The Institute for Justice has risen to coalition’s defense in a defamation lawsuit following publication of an ad by the group that stated that the plaintiffs, Richard Swift and Wayne Wilkinson, are developers and that as developers, they are using the power of government to benefit developers. Gall said that the lawsuit is frivolous on its face and it represents a callous attempt by government officials to silence and intimidate critics among the general public and the affected community in particular.

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Clarksville Fox to play for IWFL Tier II Championship


On July 26, 2008 the two best Tier II teams in the sport of women’s football will face off for the 2008 title.

The inaugural Tier II championship game is unique in several ways. Not only is this the first year this title will be awarded but it also the first year one of the contenders is not from the United States, making this the first ever international women’s tackle football championship game! «Read the rest of this article»

Parks and Recreation retires two with combined 47 years of service


Parks and Recreation and the City of Clarksville bid farewell to two long-time city employees this past week. 

Charles Elliott, the Director of Parks and Recreation is retiring after 27, plus years with the City of Clarksville.  Charles worked part time during high school and college with the City’s Summer Youth Program but his full-time career with the City began in December 1980 as the director of Clarksville’s first community center, Burt-Cobb.

The community center opened in January 1981 and Charles remained director there until 2003 when he was offered the position of Deputy Director for Parks and Recreation.  In 2005, Charles became the director of Parks and Recreation Department.  Charles plans to relocate this summer to the Atlanta region to pursue new job opportunities. 

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Judge Smith: Pay cut based on “incomplete, inaccurate” information


In the following open letter, Clarksville City Judge Charles Smith responds to a recent decision by the City Council to cut the salary of the city judge by 60%. The decision does not affct Judge Smith’s current term, but would be implemented for any Judge elected in the next election.

Dear Friend,

On June 26th, Councilman Wayne Harrison brought a motion before members of the Clarksville City Council to reduce compensation for the City Judge by almost 60% — returning the City Judge’s salary to a level of compensation last awarded in 1988 –20 years ago. This action came as a surprise to many people, including the City Judge.  To support this move, Mr. Harrison provided the Council with an unlabelled document intended to show the amount of time required by the City Judge to discharge judicial duties, but actually showing only the hours spent formally hearing cases.  «Read the rest of this article»

CDE Lightband announces the addition of six new channels


CDE Lightband announced today the addition of new channels to both the Lightband Plus and Lightband Extra lineups.

The new channels will be made available to CDE Lightband subscribers on July 1, 2008. New channels will include ESPN Deportes, ABC News Now, Chiller, Sleuth, MUN2 and CNBC World. «Read the rest of this article»

The true cost of pork spending


Austin Peay State University President Timothy Hall made an announcement Thursday that weighs heavily on the minds of all involved with the University. The Tennessee Board of Regents voted to increase tuition at five of Tennessee’s institutions for higher education by six percent in response to the State government reducing funding by that amount. At first glance this does not seem to be a huge hike as the dollar amount of the increase at APSU is no more than $313.08. What is worse, however, is that even with the tuition increase, Austin Peay is left with a budget deficit to the tune of $600,000, according to President Hall. «Read the rest of this article»

Of pens, peonies and summer rain…


On the Road in America’ is an occasional column of meanderings and musings, written during my semi-annual sojourn north.

After the first bursts of near tropical heat in Clarksville, the cooling summer rain in Vermont is a gift to cherish. It began last night, after a day of haze and clouds. It ushered in coolness somewhere around sunset, and by nightfall I could hear the raindrops lightly kissing the brick sidewalks, dripping lightly from the eaves. No blustering wind, no storms. Just that gentle rain.

This morning I walked by a bank of peonies, damp and brightened by that rain, slightly bent by the weight of water. The temptation to pick a few stems was strong.

We are a large group this semester at Goddard College, writers all of poetry, prose, fiction and non, memoir, plays and screenplays, even graphic novels. Unlike other residencies here, this one — by its very nature as an MFA writing program — requires a certain amount of solitude in and around such activities as workshops, advisor sessions, seminars, and sometimes heated discussions abut things like style, form, voice, perspective, language… Students meet, interact and retreat for the solitary task that is composition. «Read the rest of this article»

So you are in a funk …


A headline boldly declared “We middle class Americans are in a Funk.” This funk is precipitated by events in our community and our nation.

We are in a funk because of economic conditions. This economic “recession,” “depression,” or “regression” is taking its toll on our optimismand depleting our enthusiasm, reducing our hopes and smashing our dreams for personal achievements.

Life for the middle class is tough (it’s that much magnified for the poor) and the outlook is more setbacks in our plans for the future. A house in our neighborhood in foreclosure, the house with the knee high weeds in the yard. Somewhere a couple has now moved on and away from this personal tragedy.

Will life for the middle class improve soon? The majority of Montgomery County residents are middle class familiesand they are being adversely affected by tooday’s sky high oil prices, falling home values, declining employment and rising prices for food and utilities. «Read the rest of this article»

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Fireworks, music, family fun slated for city’s 4th of July celebration


The City of Clarksville’s Independence Day Celebration will be a celebration for all ages, featuring music and fireworks for the Grand Finale! The event takes place July 3rd at McGregor Park• 5:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. A spectacular fireworks will cap off this holiday celebration.

The display on the river includes is choreographed to a patriotic soundtrack and will be broadcast on Q108, The Beaver 100.3 FM, Z 97.5 and Eagle 94.3 radio stations during the show. «Read the rest of this article»

Tim Barnes steps off with enthusiasm at campaign kickoff!


Campaign kick-off is high energy showcase!

Tim Barnes says he will fight for this senate seat!With former Lt. Governor as guest speaker, Tim Barnes launched his campaign for the Tennessee State Senate District 22 seat with enthusiasm and high energy. The Machinists Union Hall was filled with over 130 enthusiastic supporters. Wilder spoke the need for a person committed to being a statesman, being true to the interests of the people. He told the supporters that Tim Barnes is that person. He further stated that there is a strong need for Tim’s integrity and commitment in the Senate. He reminded the audience that there is a time for bi-partisanship and a time to stand with the party. Ending with his standard rally call, “Let the Senate Be the Senate!” he urged the crowd, “Put this young man in the Senate!” «Read the rest of this article»

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