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Democrat Dan Cramer looks to represent Tennessee 7th Congressional District


Election 2014Clarksville, TN  Retired Army Helicopter Pilot Dan Cramer has announced he will run to represent Tennessee’s 7th district in the U.S. House of Representatives, pledging to focus on the responsibility to govern that is entrusted to every member of congress.

Dan has made a commitment to restoring opportunity and prosperity to the middle class and to tackle the hard work of addressing issues like tax reform, immigration, and the national debt.

Tennessee 7th Congressional District candidate Dan Cramer.

Tennessee 7th Congressional District candidate Dan Cramer.

“The current politics of partisanship and obstruction are destroying the American dream for too many Tennesseans. I am committed to taking all American’s insistence that their elected officials actually do the work of governing, to Capitol Hill.” said Cramer. “Although the recession is subsiding the middle class remains in far worse condition than in any time in our country’s recent history. Far too many Americans are under-employed and can not provide for their basic needs without government assistance even while working a forty hour work week. I’m running for Congress to bring the values I learned in the military to Washington and put the needs of Tennesseans ahead of party politics, corporate influence or short sighted partisanship.”

Having lived in Montgomery County since 1990, Cramer has served five tours with the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, retiring in 2012. During those tours of duty Cramer has served in two wars in Iraq, Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Cramer has lived in Clarksville Tennessee continuously over the last twenty three years, when not over seas.

Since his retirement, Cramer has been enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle at home with his family until beginning his campaign for the US house this year.  As a helicopter pilot and Maintenance Officer in the US Army, Cramer has applied the military’s values to all tasks set before him. While adopting all of those values as his own, Cramer places Selfless Service and Integrity in the vanguard of his approach to government service. Throughout his military career, Cramer has been called on to manage people and resources in challenging environments where the consequences of failure would have been catastrophic.

“I have spent my military career defending the values and freedoms that have made America the exceptional country that it is today,” Cramer said. “But as great as our country is, we should be doing far better than we are. The current inability of Congress to work togeather on even the most nessisarry laws is destroying the American dream for too many Tennesseans. I am committed to taking the voter’s insistence for integraty and selfless service in their elected officials, to Capitol Hill. I want to play an active role in making the 7th District, our state and our country a place where every Tennessean can provide for themselves and their families and where the American dream of giving our children better opportunities than we had ourselves is within every American’s reach.”

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