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Marsha Blackburn Report: USMCA is a Win for Tennessee Businesses

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – After over a year of delay tactics from the House Democrats, this week the Senate was finally able to pass the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, which updates a trade deal that pre-dates the existence of mobile phones and will benefit Tennessee farmers, manufacturers and small business owners.

Tennessee already exports over $13.7 billion a year in goods and services to Canada and Mexico, and the USMCA will make it easier for Americans to do business with our neighbors.

Senator Marsha Blackburn.
Senator Marsha Blackburn.

In the Volunteer State alone, 967 foreign-based businesses have invested over $37.3 billion in capital and currently employ more than 147,000 Tennesseans.

But you don’t need the numbers to know that trade is important to Tennessee.

There’s more on the horizon and we can make even more progress for the economy.

Protecting Religious Liberties

As I read my Bible each day, I pray that God will continue to bless us and our nation. I pray for my children and grandchildren, and that we may all be treated with respect and dignity. This week, President Donald Trump protected school prayer and rolled back burdensome Obama-era requirements on religious groups. Protecting religious liberties is something I hold close to my heart. 

Running For President Is Impartial?

Senators currently running to be their party’s nominee for President in 2020 have a duty to do impartial justice under our Constitution. Prior to being sworn in by the Chief Justice, I called on these Senators to recuse themselves from the impeachment trial. 

An Impeachment Do-Over

The House has spent five months making their case for impeachment, and now it is time for the Senate to do their constitutional duty. They rushed through a sham impeachment, and now they want a do-over. Our job is to review what the House sent over, not do their work for them. 

A Win For Our Farmers

Congratulations to the President for successfully negotiating a new trade deal with China that will be greatly beneficial to all of Tennessee, but especially to our famers and rural communities. Since day one, our farmers have stood by the President as he’s renegotiated trade with China.

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