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President Donald Trump Outlines 3-Phase Approach to ‘Opening Up America Again’ Amid COVID-19

The White HouseWashington, D.C. – “President Donald Trump on Thursday announced a cautious, three-phase approach—one that still gives wide latitude to governors—for reopening the shuttered economy in states that have had low rates of transmission of COVID-19,” Fred Lucas reports in The Daily Signal.

“Based on the latest data, our team of experts now agrees that we can begin the next front in our war, which we’re calling, ‘Opening up America again,’” the President said.

The White House - West Wing. (Official White House Photo)

“We are not opening all at once, but one careful step at a time.”

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“To listen to the critics, the challenge is to choose between lockdowns and sickness. But the real challenge is to consider the whole of America’s health. And that means charting a course that minimizes the suffering caused by the pandemic while avoiding the suffering caused by economic devastation,” Dr. Tim Daughtry writes in Townhall.

“For seven long days, Democrats have been blocking a $250 billion refill for the Paycheck Protection Program, and on Thursday morning the loan fund finally ran out of money . . . The longer Democrats refuse to provide financing for small businesses after government cut off their revenue, the more Americans will have every right to conclude that Mrs. Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Chuck Schumer are responsible for the worsening economic destruction,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.

“Globalists are cringing, but Trump is right. The World Health Organization failed–big time–in alerting the world to the seriousness of what began as an isolated outbreak of the new respiratory disease COVID-19 in China,” Rebecca Grant writes in Fox News.


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