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Marsha Blackburn Report: Celebrating National Police Week

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – Each day, police officers risk their lives to keep our communities safe. This Police Week, we honor the men and women who bravely maintain law and order. Read more about my work to Back the Blue.

Securing The Southern Border

President Biden’s disastrous border policies put the fate of women and children into the hands of traffickers and, unfortunately, the fallout has already found its way into Tennessee communities. When our border isn’t secure, every town is a border town. That’s why I am leading legislation to reinstate former President Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols. Read more about the proposal here.

Combating Joe Biden’s Economic Crisis

All across Tennessee, business owners are struggling to get workers back on the job. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden and Washington politicians are paying people more money to stay at home. It’s time to reduce big government handouts that incentivize Americans to remain unemployed now that jobs are plentiful.

Read more about my push to end the unemployment benefits bonus.

Demanding Stronger Cybersecurity Measures

The hijacking of the Colonial Pipeline networks is an unfortunate reminder that we have sophisticated adversaries. Some international actors do not wish us well and are willing to launch cyberattacks against our nation’s critical infrastructure. To defend our country, we must encourage technological innovation and personnel recruitment in the cyber domain.


Cutting Off Funding For Terror Groups

Iran is the world’s most aggressive state sponsor of terrorism. We have a responsibility to protect global human rights and hold Tehran accountable. This week, I warned the international business community that resuming trade with Iran will enable their global reign of terror.

Securing Funding For National Laboratories

During this week’s meeting of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, I led the passage of an amendment to the Endless Frontier Act to invest $17 billion in U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories and User Facilities. This amendment will help support the entire U.S. innovation network, including East Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and strengthen America’s global competitiveness.

Marsha’s Roundup

Tennesseans know that paying people to stay home isn’t working. Listen in to my conversation with Jon, a Tennessee small business owner who cannot hire enough employees to meet increasing demand.

“Biden Bucks” are encouraging people to stay home, but it’s time to get America back to work.

Biden’s fiscal policy has made one thing clear—elitist politicians don’t give a rippin’ flip about American taxpayers.

The U.S. must protect American creators and innovators from the Chinese Communist Party’s intellectual property theft. That’s why I joined Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on the SECURE CAMPUS Act to ensure American research benefits Americans, not Beijing.

Israel has the right to defend itself from Hamas terrorists. The U.S. must stand with its greatest ally in the Middle East.

In less than six months, Biden has made more messes than anyone could have imagined. We’re now dealing with a labor crisis, a gas crisis, and a border crisis!

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