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Marsha Blackburn Report: Attacking The Supply Chain Crisis

The White HouseWashington, D.C. – We’ve all seen the terrible effects of the supply chain crisis on businesses and consumers, from product shortages to rapidly rising prices and job loss. This week, I led the charge to attack this crisis head-on.

I demanded the Joe Biden White House provide more information on transportation supply chain bottlenecks, joined legislation to support Tennessee manufacturers, and helped lead efforts to make supply chains more transparent.

Securing The Southern Border

President Joe Biden’s border crisis has turned every town into a border town and every state into a border state. The $450,000 settlement payments the administration wants to dole out will only incentivize even more illegal immigrants to cross the border.

When Americans are already struggling to make ends meet, it is unthinkable that the White House is prioritizing policies to give our hard-earned tax dollars to illegal immigrants. That’s why I joined legislation to stop any federal funding from supporting this practice.

News You Can Use

Washington elites don’t feel it as much, but inflation is skyrocketing under Joe Biden’s economic agenda – especially for Tennesseans. “Bidenflation” is his Christmas gift to the Volunteer State.

Inflation ChartReceiving the COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccine is your choice — it’s not for the federal government to decide for you.

Marsha’s Roundup

Inflation, crime in the streets, and out-of-control illegal immigration? Sounds like Joe Biden’s America!

The Biden administration clearly hopes that a diplomatic boycott at the Olympics will be enough to put Beijing on notice. It won’t — we need a complete and total boycott.

Tennesseans are frustrated by Big Tech’s failure to keep young users safe.

Big Tech will never stop targeting children.

These half-measures are not enough. Instagram must take responsibility for its own safety and data security problems.

Instagram continues to put profit over your child’s well-being.

Instagram’s dead-of-night “product announcement” was all for show. It’s time for them to step up and keep teens and users safe.

Instagram’s hollow “updates” show they’re not serious about safety.

It’s time to pass a national consumer privacy bill, and kids-specific legislation to keep minors safe online.

Joe Biden showed his weakness to Putin when the White House encouraged the Russians to build their NordStream 2 pipeline as he cut off United States oil supplies.

Joe Biden should have never waived sanctions on Russia’s NordStream 2 pipeline. His weak foreign policy agenda shows his disregard for the American people and our allies.

Biden’s forced vaccination plans show his willingness to appease Washington elitists at any price.

Top economist Art Laffer refutes President Biden’s claim that “Build Back Broke” will fix our nation’s record-high inflation.

Despite what CNN says, record-high inflation under Biden is bad for Americans.

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