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Marsha Blackburn Report: Joe Biden’s Southern Border Blunders Are Hurting Tennesseans

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – Tennessee authorities are warning people against picking up folded dollar bills they see on the ground due to the risk of surprise fentanyl poisoning.

This is just one more terrible consequence of President Joe Biden’s open border policies. Over the course of three years, there has been a 4,000 percent increase in fentanyl seizures.

Furthermore, fentanyl killed more than 70,000 Americans just last year. It’s time to prioritize the safety of Americans, and this begins with a secure southern border.

Weekly Rundown

I had the pleasure of visiting Hickman County, Lewis County, Decatur County, Perry County, and Maury County to discuss reducing prices for basic items and improving quality healthcare options. You can see the ripple effects of Joe Biden’s spending spree everywhere you look.

In Hickman County, the average cost of gas is $4.68 per gallon. I spoke with Hickman County Mayor Mark Bentley and other local leaders about the importance of lowering prices by championing American energy.

United States Inflation

Biden’s price hike has left Americans unable to afford food or gas, and supply chain issues have kept essential items off the shelves.

Furthermore, Biden’s energy policies have caused gas prices to skyrocket. Americans deserve better from their president. It’s time to stop the spending spree and stop draining Tennesseans’ pocketbooks. 

Blackburn Sounds the Alarm on Big Tech

Many people in America rely on Big Tech companies at work, for entertainment, and to stay connected with friends and loved ones. Big Tech knows this and abuses its power by censoring content and emails through specific algorithms.

I introduced legislation to hold Big Tech platforms accountable for using biased information to alter the type of content that users are able to see in their email inboxes. This bill will ultimately create more transparency for users. 

Honoring Our 30th Infantry “Old Hickory” Division

I introduced a resolution honoring the soldiers of the 30th Infantry “Old Hickory” Division of the United States Army for their exemplary service during World War I and World War II. Our service members embody the best of our nation, and the members of the 30th Infantry ‘Old Hickory’ Division are no exception.

They bravely answered the call to serve in World Wars I and II, and their courage continues to inspire the men and women in the United States Army today. 

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