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    Mike Sanford

    Mike Sanford retired from the Army after 21 years of service. He has taught in both the Senior ROTC and Junior ROTC programs, and currently attends Austin Peay State University  as a Political Science Major. He  enjoys spending time with family, reading and study the founding documents of the United States, and the writings of America's founding generation, history and theology.


Mike Sanford's Articles:

    Clarksville’s city charter, revised or not, still lacks the simplest of principles


    In the latest round about the city charter, the leaders in Nashville deemed it necessary that the people of Clarksville should have a say in its adoption, which in my opinion is only correct since it is the constitution of the city. However, the points that were brought out about the flaws in the revised charter are indeed important; they did not address the major issue of what the charter is lacking in the governance of the city: a lack of separation of powers within the frame work of checks and balances.

    The separation of powers is that in which the different branches of government are separate within a system that each branch checks the other so that no one branch can do as it pleases. Clarksville is setup with an Executive (Mayor) and Legislative branch (City Council), but there is not a separation due to the fact that the Mayor is a voting member of both branches.

    In the revised charter it states that the City Council is the legislative body of the city: «Read the rest of this article»


    Reform required: Outdated City Charter is Clarksville’s weakness


    The Constitution of the City of Clarksville has been identified as as a weakness for the people of this community, but that’s on the brink of change.

    Franklin StreetThe City finally has formed a Charter committee to look into and reform the Charter and Codes, the documents that form the Constitution of the City and its laws. But why did it take so long when it was identified years ago that the Charter was indeed a weakness.

    It had been reported (LC Sept 27, 04) to the people that one of the many problems in our city government is ineffective communications between city leaders, and this is true. However, this is only a symptom of a greater problem of which was also identified. I am referring to our city constitution which was identified as “an outdated city charter.”

    This was identified at a session of the Council’s strategic planning process which was facilitated by a member of U.T. Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS). MTAS is the so-called expects in the field of city government, but what exactly do they say about charters, and our abilities to understand and question our charter? «Read the rest of this article»


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