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    Sue Freeman CulverhouseAuthor of Tennessee Literary Luminaries: From Cormac McCarthy to Robert Penn Warren (The History Press, 2013) Sue Freeman Culverhouse has been a freelance writer for the past 36 years. Beginning in 1976, she published magazines articles in Americana, Historic Preservation, American Horticulturist, Flower and Garden, The Albemarle Magazine, and many others. Sue is the winner of two Virginia Press Awards in writing.

    She moved to Springfield, Tennessee in 2003 with her sculptor husband, Bill a retired attorney. Sue has one daughter,  Susan Leigh Miller who teaches poetry and creative writing at Rutgers University.

    Sue teaches music and writing at Watauga Elementary School in Ridgetop, Tennessee to approximately 500 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. She also publishes a literary magazine each year; all work in the magazine is written and illustrated by the students.

    Sue writes "Uncommon Sense," a column in the Robertson County Times, which also appears on Clarksville Online. She is the author of "Seven keys to a sucessful life", which is  available on and; this is a self-help book for all ages.

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    My Hair Color is not Who I Am


    Clarksville, TN – How many times a day do we look at another person or hear him speak and judge who we think this person to be? Our prejudices filter people when we first look at them.

    If that other person has on baggy pants or has a hair style we consider wild, we may even cross the street to avoid him. If we hear someone speaking English with a foreign accent, we may have preconceived ideas about that person even if we’ve never had any interaction with her.

    Our experiences form our prejudices based on the type of interactions we have or those our family has instilled in us. Most racial prejudice is learned at home. Overcoming our fears—and fear is the basis of all prejudice—is not easy. «Read the rest of this article»

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    When I’m gone it will be too late to send me Flowers


    An elderly couple

    Clarksville, TN – This is a true story but the names of the people have been changed.

    By the time I met them, both Jack and Alice were in their senior years. Originally from Chicago, Jack was a retired high school counselor and Alice still taught voice lessons in their home. Jack was short, bald and a bit rotund; he had an amazing mind and a great sense of humor. Alice was petite, had wavy white hair, and had a pleasant smile for everyone.

    They lived in a huge Victorian home on one of the premier streets of Charlottesville. All the rooms in the massive first floor had very high ceilings. «Read the rest of this article»

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    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society


    Clarksville Book ReviewClarksville, TN – Once in a while when you’re in a second-hand store, you can run across a book you’ve missed when it first came out, but one that becomes a lifelong favorite. That’s what happened to me when I found “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows (The Dial Press, August, 2008).

    Who could resist a book with a title like this!

    The entire book is a series of letters with the central character a writer named Juliet Ashton. The initial setting is just after World War II as Juliet is setting out on a book tour for her collection of columns she wrote during the war to help keep up spirits of those at home in England.

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society «Read the rest of this article»


    If you haven’t been in my classroom then you haven’t met the Lone Stranger


    Clarksville, TN – Teaching music is an amazing adventure on a daily basis. You never know what is going to come out of a child’s imagination—or mouth! Any teacher will tell you that whatever a child thinks, he or she says aloud without any qualms whatsoever. Children’s minds are always imagining and they are testing out the world around them.

    For instance, it is not unusual for kindergarten children to have a totally different idea of any word in the English language from the one you have. Take the day when I was playing the “William Tell Overture” and a little boy yelled out, “Listen! It’s the Lone Stranger!”

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    The fascinating History of Popcorn


    Clarksville, TN – Ask me what my favorite snack is and I won’t hesitate a second to tell you that it’s popcorn. The aroma of popcorn can drive me to indulge any time day or night. I recently realized that I had no idea where popcorn originated or what makes it pop. Here’s what I learned:

    According to , popcorn was eaten by Native Americans before the time of Jesus. Popcorn kernels more than 1,000 years old were found in tombs on the east coast of Peru; they still popped! Popcorn is believed to have originated in Mexico, but was grown in Sumatra, China and India before Christopher Columbus came to the New World.

    Popcorn kernels

    Popcorn kernels

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    Fort Campbell Culinary Team Ready for Major Competition


    Fort Campbell KY - 101st Airborne DivisionFort Campbell, KY – Wendell Hensley, Program Coordinator for Culinary Art in the Public Management & Criminal Justice division of Austin Peay State University, has fine-tuned the talents of thirteen U. S. Army cooks into the Fort Campbell Culinary Team headed to Fort Lee for the 38th Annual Military Culinary Arts Competition in March.

    Hensley, who came to Austin Peay in 2002, describes this year’s team as the finest ever. They will be participating in the largest culinary competition in North America with service members from all branches participating.

    Fort Campbell Culinary Team at Clarksville Parks and Recreation's Chocolate Affair.

    Fort Campbell Culinary Team at Clarksville Parks and Recreation’s Chocolate Affair.

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    Which will win? Hope vs Fear and Ignorance


    Hope-vs-Fear Clarksville, TN – Our society is at war with itself. The downturn in the economy has brought great fears to many citizens. People who focus on their fears have little chance of seeing a solution. Fear is a paralyzing emotion. Mix that with ignorance of some basic facts that are misconstrued by devious politicians seeking their own aggrandizement and you get demonstrations that defy logic.

    With citizens in all walks of life losing their jobs and needing hope, some officials more concerned about grandstanding they hope will lead themselves to higher political office than to addressing the suffering of the people who elected them. «Read the rest of this article»

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    Choosing a Job based on Salary can be tricky

    Charlie Chaplin in the 1936 movie Modern Times

    Charlie Chaplin is a cog in the machine in the 1936 movie Modern Times.

    Clarksville, TN – One of the fun experiences I have is researching odd facts on the Internet. I recently looked at some statistics on the “top 10 jobs in America.” Here are a few bits of information I learned:

    Lists vary on the top two jobs. Some say Surgeon and others say Anesthesiologist. Salaries for each range from roughly $175,000 to $185,000 on average. (Note: This means that some of these people make much more and some make much less.) At least one list stated that Investment Bankers were second. The most common list of the top 10 highest paying jobs follows. «Read the rest of this article»

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    When You Rescue an Animal from a Shelter


    A boxer

    Clarksville, TN – One afternoon my husband Bill and I went to the Animal Shelter. One little puppy captured our hearts and we took her home with us.

    Fawn, named because she is the color of a deer, has big brown eyes, huge paws, and the sculptured body of a boxer. The animal control officer, believed she would eventually weigh about 55 pounds. She now weighs 96 pounds (our fault, we are assured by her vet), and she is, unfortunately, somewhat obsessive-compulsive.

    Fawn believes that order should reign in this world. When any object in our house is moved to a new location, Fawn is disturbed. When she was a puppy, she would stand and bark at the object until she finally decided that we weren’t going to move it again. She now just avoids that area for several weeks at a time. «Read the rest of this article»

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    An Affair with Chocolate—Fabulous Fun!


    Chocolate AffairClarksville, TN – It was my first visit to Chocolate Affair sponsored by Planters Bank and the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department. At a cost of a mere $15.00, it was the bargain of the year. Seventeen vendors gave every attendee at least one piece of superb chocolate—and what a variety of treats!

    Magician Russ Nowack startled chocolate eaters with appearing and disappearing coins and other mind-boggling feats. D J Folley of Big Fish Entertainment kept the music lively as kids in the audience showed off their moves.

    Clarksville Parks and Recreation's Chocolate Affair was a big hit this past Saturday.

    Clarksville Parks and Recreation’s Chocolate Affair was a big hit this past Saturday.

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